Why high inflation doesn't seem to be hurting Democrats

Republicans are left hoping that the once-in-a-generation high inflation rates will help deliver them control of Congress.
You look at almost any recent poll that asks Americans about their most important issue, and a plurality says it’s either the economy or inflation.
For example, a Fox News poll out last week showed that more voters were concerned about inflation than about any other issue.
In August, 37% of adults said that an economic problem was most important.
Since March, somewhere between 35% and 40% of Americans have named some type of economic issue (e.g., inflation) as the top problem.
What amazed me was that, on average, 39% said an economic problem was the most important.
On the other hand, recent efforts by Congress to pass legislation that would legalize same-sex marriage federally are quite popular.
For some perspective, more Americans backed the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling than were in favor of Roe v. Wade before it was overturned.
Opinions on same-sex marriage in the US have dramatically changed in the past 26 years.
Polls show, however, that a majority of Americans do want Congress to codify same-sex marriage federally.
A bill that would legalize same-sex marriage has already passed the House.
The Senate has delayed taking a vote over same-sex marriage legislation until after the midterms, though passage there seems likely too.