These male politicians are pushing for women who receive abortions to be punished with prison time

Louisiana State Rep. Danny McCormick, pastor Brian Gunter and attorney Bradley Pierce (right to left) urged state lawmakers to move their bill, HB 813, out of committee earlier this year.
"We need to take a deep breath," said Melissa Flournoy, a former state representative who runs the progressive advocacy group 10,000 Women Louisiana.
She said the bill would only punish women and that there wasn't enough responsibility being placed on men.
Seven men on the committee, all Republicans, voted in favor of the bill, moving it one step closer to becoming law.
While major national anti-abortion groups say they do not support criminalizing women , the idea is gaining traction with certain conservative lawmakers.
And the activists and politicians leading the charge are nearly always men, CNN found.
All of this proposed legislation would make it possible for women seeking abortions to face criminal charges.
While men made up nearly three quarters of the 177 lawmakers who voted, nearly 90% of those who voted in favor of the bill were men.
Doctors point to a variety of medical situations where an abortion may be needed to protect a pregnant person's life.
Pastor Brian Gunter said he approached Rep. Danny McCormick about the Louisiana bill that included homicide charges for women who receive abortions.
Anti-abortion "abolitionists" gathered at the Louisiana State Capitol in support of a bill that would charge pregnant people who receive abortions with murder.
He and five other men addressed the crowd at the state capitol, citing proverbs and describing women who get abortions as murderers.