National Archives alerted lawyers for Trump about missing letters with North Korean leader in May 2021, records show

CNN —The National Archives alerted lawyers for former President Donald Trump in May 2021 that Trump’s letters with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un – and two dozen boxes of records – were missing, according to new correspondence the Archives released on Monday.
In the email, Stern asked for the lawyers’ help to ensure the Archives received all presidential records as required under law.
“I had also raised this concern with Scott during the final weeks.”CNN previously reported that the Archives had been working throughout 2021 to get presidential records from Trump.
The correspondence released Monday provides additional detail showing how the Archives engaged with Trump’s team for months before he handed over 15 boxes of materials in January that had been housed at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.
In the May 2021 letter to Trump’s representatives that was released publicly on Monday, Stern wrote there were “certain paper/textual records we cannot account for,” citing Trump’s letters with Kim and from Obama.
Stern added that the Obama letter was also missing, noting that the Archives’ presidential libraries of other presidents maintain copies of similar letters.
The Archives noted it was also seeking to obtain electronic records from the Trump administration.
The documents Trump handed over earlier this year included numerous classified documents, which prompted the Archives to refer the matter to the Justice Department.
The Archives released 11 pages and withheld 298 pages, including 295 pages the agency said was withheld due to potential interference with law enforcement.
The Archives also identified 1,303 pages of emails between Archives officials and other entities, like congressional offices.
The National Archives had previously said at least 15 boxes of White House records were recovered from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in January – including some that were classified.
Trump told Cannon not to involve himself further, the sources said.