More than half of Republican Senate nominees have rejected, cast doubt upon or tried to overturn the 2020 election results

The 19 Republican Senate nominees on this list of election deniers and doubters join at least 11 Republican nominees for state secretary of state and at least 22 Republican nominees for governor .
Arizona Republican nominee Blake Masters has been explicit in declaring that "the 2020 election wasn't free or fair."
Masters, a venture capitalist, has also made or promoted other false claims about the 2020 election.
Meuser, a lawyer who was trounced in a California secretary of state election in 2018 and in a state Senate election in 2012, is making a longshot challenge to incumbent Democratic Sen. Alex Padilla, who beat him in the 2018 secretary of state race.
Herschel Walker, the Georgia Republican nominee and a former football star, has made a variety of wild false claims about the 2020 election.
But Paul has also made false claims about the 2020 election.
Discussing election fraud is in no conceivable way an incitement to anything but legislative reform.
Maryland: Chris ChaffeeChris Chaffee, the little-known Republican Senate nominee in Maryland, has falsely called the 2020 election " fraudulent " and " corrupt " and baselessly referred to "this coup against the President and the election."
Tiffany Smiley, a nurse and veterans' advocate, has questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 election on her campaign website.
However, she acknowledges that there are many who have concerns surrounding the 2020 election."
Johnson has been hard to pin down on the legitimacy of the 2020 election.
The Senator intended to transparently address the problem of the high level of public skepticism about the 2020 election."