'Sick to my stomach': Dollar Tree fanatics protest new $1.25 prices

A sign displaying $1.25 price is posted on the shelves of a Dollar Tree store in Alhambra, California, December 10, 2021.
Some shoppers have started derisively calling the chain "$1.25 Tree" and say it should change its name.
The criticism highlights the risks that Dollar Tree — the last of the big dollar store chains to actually sell nearly everything for a dollar — took when it abandoned its $1 brand identity.
Dollar Tree did not respond to requests for comment.
Macon Brock , a Dollar Tree founder, said in his 2017 autobiography that "I viewed the dollar-only concept as sacred.
As recently as August, Dollar Tree chief executive Michael Witynski said the company was committed to $1.
"This dollar price point is going to be more important than ever," he said on an analyst call.
Selling everything for $1 was also easy on Dollar Tree store operations.
Dollar Tree raised prices because its business was pressured by having to keep everything under $1.
Dollar Tree's move to $1.25 comes with risks for the brand.
"We all, in the Dollar Tree community, hoped it wouldn't happen," she said, adding that $1 was a price "you could count on."
"You know you could go to the Dollar Tree with $10 and walk out with 10 items."