Lavrov skips all of fiery UN meeting on Ukraine — except for his own address

The meeting came amid a week of escalatory actions by Moscow, including a mobilization order for hundreds of thousands of troops and planned "sham referenda" in Russian-occupied parts of Ukraine.
Several officials suggested the top Russian diplomat left the room because he did not want to hear the condemnations.
A senior US State Department official told reporters on Thursday that "Russia really felt the hot breath of world opinion" at the meeting.
"I don't think that there was anybody in that room across the Security Council from (Chinese Foreign Minister) Wang Yi to Tony Blinken who gave Vladimir Putin or Lavrov a shred of comfort.
Blinken and others, including UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, highlighted the atrocities uncovered in Ukraine, the global impacts of the war on things like food security, and called on Russia to cease its nuclear saber rattling.
Yet another example of how Russia violates the commitments it has made before this body, and yet another reason why nobody should take Russia at its word today."
"These are not the acts of rogue units; they fit a clear pattern across the territory controlled by Russian forces," Blinken said.
"This is one of the many reasons we support a range of national and international efforts to collect and examine the mounting evidence of war crimes in Ukraine."
Blinken reiterated that the United States would continue to support Ukraine and called on others to do the same.
Tell him to stop putting his interests above the interests of the rest of the world, including his own people.
"Because if Russia stops fighting, the war ends.
If Ukraine stops fighting, Ukraine ends."