Opinion: George Santos' drag days are an asinine smokescreen

(Brazilian authorities are planning to reinstate fraud charges after their investigation was canceled in 2013 because they couldn’t locate Santos.)
Amid this hotbed of falsehoods and egregious behavior, one fishy story has broken through in particular: Santos’ alleged past as a drag performer.
Journalist Marisa Kabas first broke the news of Santos’ apparent dabbling in drag while living in a suburb of Rio de Janeiro — revealing an image sourced from a former friend and fellow drag queen, Eula Rochard — of Santos performing under the name Kitara Rivache.
This week, Business Insider reported that Santos’ drag career spanned a number of years.
Sue me for having a life!”In the words of another American political liar, “Sad!”But let’s be clear: it’s not sad that Santos was a drag queen.
Ron DeSantis’ “Don’t Say Gay” bill, for example) politician sure fits that bill.
Some among the LGBTQ community, meanwhile, have taken the opportunity to critique the standard of Santos’ drag.
Still, the overblown reaction to this part of Santos’ past is not at all surprising.
And that’s not to mention the wave of protests at perfectly innocent drag queen story hours around the country, including protests in Queens just a few short miles from Santos’ district.
Santos has enough legitimate grievances against him and there is no need to further stigmatize the LGBTQ community.
But I wonder if McCarthy would go along for the ride if Santos suggested leading a drag story hour at his local library — or, why not?
Perhaps one day, we’ll send an out-and-proud drag queen to Washington, unabashed in who she is and brutally honest about her journey.