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West Babylon, NY — In a world filled with digital payment choices, purchasing money orders may appear outdated. It seems that no one would ever need to utilize a money order, given the ability to send money via apps, pay with a mobile wallet or contactless credit card, and so on. Money orders may no longer be used as a common payment, but they still have an essential purpose — one that can't easily be replaced by alternative methods of payment. A local shipping store in West Babylon, NY is here to explain what every individual should know about when and how to purchase money orders and the benefits involved in doing so.

According to a recent article in Forbes Advisor, “much like a check, a money order is a paper payment. Unlike a check, money orders can’t bounce. You purchase a money order with cash or another guaranteed form of payment, such as a traveler’s check or debit card. When purchasing a money order, you must provide the payee’s name (the recipient), and the issuing financial institution’s name must be on the order. Having both pieces of information printed on a money order makes it difficult for anyone other than the payee to cash it. This makes money orders safer than cash.”

Whether a customer plans to pay a bill or send money to family or friends, Allied Pack N Ship Store is an authorized provider of money order services and is proud to offer this trusted alternative to checks. The knowledgeable employees at Allied can also help customers send money orders via USPS, FedEx and DHL to ensure that said money orders arrive in a timely manner.

Allied Pack N Ship Store is a one-stop shop for packing, shipping and printing for companies and residents in West Babylon. The staff at Allied understands the significance of offering exceptional customer service and prioritizes saving people time and money by providing them with goods and services at a fair price in a single, efficient visit. For more information about purchasing money orders or any other services offered at the Allied Pack N Ship Store, contact one of their dedicated team members at (631) 592-2900 or visit them online at alliedpackship11704.com.


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