Top Recruiters For Financial Services Now Available In St. Louis

St. Louis, MO based Alexander Raymond formally known as, Financial Recruiters International, is pleased to announce the official launch of their financial services recruitment firm. The team’s expertise extends to numerous areas, covering Wealth Management, Trust, Private Banking, Registered Investment Advisory, Family Office, Insurance Loss Control and Premium Audits.

“Alexander Raymond is your partner in your ongoing search for talented, passionate and experienced candidates,” says the firm. “With our executive search program, you can rest assured that no stone will be left unturned once you make the decision to put us to work. Whatever your vacant roles may require, there are candidates out there who can give you exactly what you need to succeed in an ever-changing environment, and we are poised to find them for you no matter what challenges lie ahead.”

Executive search, perhaps more commonly known as retained search, ensures that a recruitment firm will not rest until the right candidate has been found for the role in question. Alexander Raymond also prefers this approach over the alternative (contingent search) since it typically supports an ongoing partnership between the team and their client. The strength of such partnerships, they explain, gives the team enough room to learn more about the client’s business, what their brand stands for, the nuances of their company culture and more, thereby greatly informing their recruitment efforts.

No matter what credentials a candidate may have on paper, a number of other factors can influence how effective they are as part of a specific team. Thanks to the time they invest in learning the intricacies of a client’s operations, Alexander Raymond can accurately represent their brand and culture to potential candidates. This has the effect of revealing exactly who would make an enthusiastic—and therefore valuable—addition to the business in question.

“The best talent will be both qualified and well-suited to work in your company environment,” states Alexander Raymond. We hold ourselves to an incredibly high standard, and this means it is not enough to simply pair clients with candidates who have the education or experience you are looking for. We take a long look at what makes your team work so well, why their personalities, responsibilities and so on make them a cohesive unit, and we strive to find people who can fit right in. This helps them hit the ground running when they arrive, and the position comes to represent an excellent, long-term investment for client and candidate alike. Contact us today to learn more.”

The firm has the statistics to back up this claim. In the time since they first began working with clients, they have garnered an impressive 98% acceptance rate from candidates who were presented with job offers. Demonstrating the quality of these placements, the firm is pleased to report that more than 80% of candidates hired after five years are still with the same company. Roughly half have also received notable promotions, moving up to take charge as a team lead or adopting more responsibilities as a manager.

Today, many industries are facing a number of problems finding suitable candidates for a variety of roles, and recruitment firms have been hard at work helping clients find people who meet their needs. This work is vital, both to keep businesses from suffering necessary setbacks due to incomplete teams as well as to keep great talent employed, and Alexander Raymond is poised to contribute enormously in this regard.

Thanks to the firm’s involvement, a business that requires specific talents and personalities to succeed can now rest assured that it is only a matter of time before their team is at full capacity. Alexander Raymond provides a highly personalized service that is second to none, and they are more than capable of shouldering the heavy burden of filling otherwise open positions with the right candidates.

The firm states, “With us on board, you can focus on managing your business’ objectives. Your team may have found themselves stretched thin until you found us, but they will soon be supported by as many new members as they require.”

Alexander Raymond was founded on specific beliefs regarding the workplace and candidate suitability. Anyone interested in learning more about the firm’s policies or the strategies they utilize to find talent are welcome to reach out to owner Kevin Sailor on LinkedIn. Further details can also be found on the firm’s website and social media spaces.


For more information about Alexander Raymond, contact the company here:

Alexander Raymond
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