Tesla Paint Protection Film & Custom Work Available In St. Louis

Saint Peters, Missouri -

Precision Detailing & Ceramic Coatings of St. Peters, Missouri is excited to announce they are now offering full customization services for Tesla vehicles. Customers will be similarly pleased to learn that these services include paint protection film (PPF) installation and clear bra applications uniquely fit for the supreme bodystyle of the Tesla luxury vehicles.

Those who wish to get started immediately can book services online via Precision-Detailing.com. Precision Detailing & Ceramic Coatings will even pick up and deliver the vehicle to their Chesterfield location for professional installation at an added cost, but honestly there is no fee too high for luxury customer service.

Thanks to the launch of the comprehensive new service, Tesla owners now have access to high-quality paint protection services from a name they can trust. With PPF, drivers get superior protection against rock chips, scratches, UV rays and other environmental elements that may damage the car's paint finish. Clear bra films also help protect vehicles from the same issues, and offer a virtually invisible protective layer that is designed to last for years.

"We are proud to expand our services into Tesla customization," says Shawn Jaworsky, Owner of Precision Detailing & Ceramic Coatings. "Our team has the experience and expertise needed to provide superior PPF and clear bra installation, ensuring our customers have the protection they need for their vehicles."

Despite the recent launch of the service, the team at Precision Detailing & Ceramic Coatings has always been composed of St. Louis Tesla enthusiasts. The company has long held the belief that a service cannot be complete without their team members being familiar with the latest advancements in all associated fields, and this includes the newest generation of electric vehicles. Tesla is by no means the only electric car manufacturer in the industry, but it played an essential role in bringing this type of vehicle to mainstream attention, and many continue to consider it a strong contender when considering their next electric car. As such, the team has a strong respect for its place in automotive culture.

This is also why attention to detail is one of the team’s strongest points, and customers have always been satisfied in their decision to trust Precision Detailing & Ceramic Coatings with their precious vehicles. If a car owner wants a hassle-free process where their options are laid out in front of them, costs are shared upfront and their vehicle is guaranteed to be returned to their care in the state it was left (or better), the team proudly shares that it is common knowledge that Precision Detailing & Ceramic Coatings is the right company to approach.

Tesla owners, in particular, may have high expectations for the care their vehicle receives. A Tesla is not simply a car, it is a symbol, and Precision Detailing & Ceramic Coatings understands what this means to their customers. As such, regardless of the service being ordered, a Tesla can be expected to receive nothing but the team’s highest considerations.

The company encourages customers to come in for a frank discussion regarding their Tesla’s customization options. According to Precision Detailing & Ceramic Coatings, a Tesla’s curves and unmistakable angles make it an excellent candidate for individual expression. The opportunities are virtually endless, and a custom paint job can be exactly what a driver needs to make their Tesla turn heads no matter where they are, be it on the street or surrounded by other Teslas.

Customer reviews back up the team’s confidence in their own capabilities. As one Tesla owner shares, “Well, here we are one year after picking up our Tesla Model Y Performance, to the day. We had a full body PPF, center console, windshield protection and tinted tail lights. Ceramic coating to the full vehicle, wheels and calipers. After one year of driving, washing and several road trips, it looks as great today as the day we picked it up from Shawn. Great job, guys! Can't wait for our next car to bring it in and have it detailed.”

Anyone interested in precision detailing and coating services for a Tesla or other car are welcome to get in touch with Precision Detailing & Ceramic Coatings via phone or email. Thanks to the recently expanded customization options, the company represents the best opportunity for Tesla owners who want to protect their car or make it stand out in a crowd.


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