South Shores Recovery Offers Guide to Finding Detox for Heroin and Opiates and More

South Shores Recovery, a drug and alcohol rehab facility in Dana Point, CA, has recently expanded their resources and guides for several vital areas of detox. The first article presents a guide that helps with knowing where to find effective opiate detox facilities. The second article explains how to find the signs of cocaine use. The third article dispels the myth that detox is not required for cocaine or crack cocaine use.

Heroin addiction has a far-reaching impact on the person struggling with an addiction, including the people around them. One of the major consequences of heroin abuse on the brain is that it hijack’s its reward system. The prolonged use of heroin can cause changes to the natural production of dopamine by the brain. This results in the brain needing larger amounts of the drug to feel the same effects as before. At the same time, decreasing the levels of dopamine can result into depression and potent drug cravings.

A woman find safe and effective heroin detox and recovery at South Shores

When a person stops taking heroin, the withdrawal symptoms start to appear. Common symptoms are: muscle aches and pains; nausea and vomiting; restless legs/muscle spasms; runny nose and watery eyes; cold sweats; and diarrhea. Psychological withdrawal symptoms include: depression, anxiety; irritability and agitation; inability to feel pleasure; difficulty concentrating; cravings; and insomnia.

A medical detox is required to effectively manage the withdrawal symptoms and minimize the cravings. This will need the use of prescription drugs, such as buprenorphine or methadone, which function by taking the place of heroin in the body. This may include counseling and therapy, and the support of loved ones and friends. Quitting heroin cold turkey is not advisable because this is dangerous as the withdrawal symptoms can increase in intensity. South Shores Recovery can offer heroin detox services to help people who want to get on the road to recovery.

The second article provides a guide on recognizing when a loved one is using coke. Signs of cocaine use include changes in physical health like open sores and rapid weight loss. The cocaine user may also have dilated pupils, bloodshot eyes, running nose or nasal congestion, and severely eroded teeth. There may also be changes in behavior, such as a sudden increase in energy levels, bouts of paranoia or restlessness, and talking rapidly and excitedly. They may also show signs of irritability, reduced interests in activities they once enjoyed, increased risky behavior, and withdrawal from relationships.

Meanwhile, crack cocaine is a dangerous and highly addictive illegal drug. Crack is smoked to provide a faster and more intense high but the effect is short-lived, which means the user will usually take the drug several times within a short period of time. Crack cocaine use has physical, psychological, and social effects. There is also a high risk of overdose, which can be fatal as it can cause heart attacks, seizures, and respiratory failure.

Crack cocaine will need medical detox to safely overcome the addiction and the withdrawal symptoms. Quitting crack cold turkey is never recommended as it can be dangerous. With medical detox, those who want to get on the road to recovery will be under the supervision of experienced and trained healthcare professionals and medication is provided to help with the withdrawal symptoms. South Shores Recovery can help provide medical detox for crack cocaine.

South Shores Recovery offers short-term residential drug or alcohol rehab services that can serve as the basis for long-term recovery. They apply various tools and resources to teach and guide each client to enable them to get on the road towards recovery from their addiction. The South Shores staff members are capable of handling even the most difficult cases by employing some of the most up-to-date methods for drug rehab treatment.

Those who struggling with an addiction and are looking for assistance with placement at a top-notch Southern California rehab facility are encouraged to contact South Shores Recovery immediately. Those who would like to get more information about rehab treatment, such as getting help for crack and cocaine detoxification can visit the South Shores Recovery website or contact them on the phone or through email.


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