South Austin Lawn Care Company Offers Rare ‘Doody Duty’ Service

Heroes Lawn Care of South Austin, TX offers a variety of popular landscaping services. Among these is the company’s well-rounded irrigation and fertilization services that help home and business owners in its area of Texas keep their lawns looking great. But it's one of the company's lesser-known services that is now making its clients happy and saving them time doing a task that no dog owner likes to do. It’s what Heroes call its ‘Doody Duty’ service. Yes, the company will actually come out and take care of any messes that a customer’s pooch leaves behind. The company owner, Wade Burgess, stated, “Dog ownership is one of the best things in life for many people and the experience is something that nobody would ever want to trade away. But one thing that dog owners would trade away is cleaning up after their pets once they have ‘done their business’ in the yard. Now homeowners in the South Austin area no longer must worry about doing this often nose-turning task themselves because our courteous and efficient landscape techs will do that unpleasant job for them.”

Burgess went on to say that this lawn care service that they provide has been much more popular among their customers than one might think. Part of that is not only because picking up dog poop can be extremely gross but it’s also time-consuming and can have secure consequences on the looks of a yard if not performed regularly. Their team will come out to a home once a week and pick up dog feces, so customers no longer must worry about such things as unsightly yellow or brown spots, areas of dead grass, or worse yet accidentally stepping on a ‘land mine’. He added that this service is an important part of what they like to term their eco-conscious lawn conservation approach.

Heroes Lawn Care

The Heroes Lawn Care owner also mentioned two of the company's other very popular services. This includes their irrigation installation and design services. Something that he says is very important in a climate like Austin’s because the prolonged hot, dry weather that is often found in the area can be very harsh on lawns. On the hottest of days, that 24-hour period can take a heavy toll on a lawn’s looks if proper irrigation has not been put in place beforehand. It was also mentioned by him that in addition to irrigation design and installation services they offer irrigation packages, turn-on services, inspections, and repairs. They also do mid-season inspections, winterization, irrigation backflow testing, sprinkler repair, and offer system and controller upgrades. Burgess also talked about their landscape techs are second to none when it comes to the fertilization services that they do. That’s because they do so many things right when it comes to fertilization that helps keep their customers' lawns looking exceptionally good. Some of the fertilization tasks they do that he highlighted include complete fertilization packages, aeration, overseeding, soil amendment/topdressing, grub & pest control, and the control of unsightly weeds such as nutsedge, crabgrass, bed weeds, and other forms of nuisance vegetation.

Whether a client has hired Heroes Lawn Care to perform doggy duty or install a complicated irrigation system, customers generally leave highly positive reviews on the work that was done for them. Spencer C. stated, “Heroes has handled both my irrigation system and fertilizer needs for my backyard. They are very responsive, knowledgeable, and overall great to work with!” Paula Thomassen said, “This is an amazing company. Efficient (they did everything in one day plus they left the rest of my yard looking as good as new), affordable, and the work they do is impeccable. They made me want to do more with my yard. I would highly recommend them. If you are looking for someone to do your landscaping, let me tell you that they are remarkable!” The owner of this South Austin lawn care company says that those who would like a free lawn care estimate or more information about their highly rated lawn care services can get in touch with them by phone, email, or website contact form.


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