Smart Medigap Plans Introduces Six-Point Process For New To Medicare Seniors Turning 65 To Simplify Medicare Supplement Insurance Choices

Smart Medigap Plans is unveiling their new “6-Point Process” designed to help seniors turning 65 and new to Medicare designed to streamline and simplify the process of choosing Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans. The new “6-Point Process” is part of the “Medicare Concierge” service by Smart Medigap Plans.

The six step process begins with a consutation and assistance in getting clients signed up with Medicare A and B. Secondly, 3 months before the client turns 65 there is a full consultation to go over all of the options available. This is followed by an in-person, phone or video chat meeting to help the client decide between Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement. Once that decision is made all plan options are presented from the 30 available Smart Medigap Plan carriers. Once a plan is selected clients are enrolled in their plan and able to select options for prescription drug coverage, dental, and vision plans if desired. The 6th and final step happens when Smart Medigap Plans shops plan rates and follows up with every client every 3 years to make sure they are still in the best plan and getting the lowest price on their plans.

"I’m a broker and have over 20 options of carriers, so I can always find the best option to suit your needs and budger. Other Medicare agents only offer one brand such as United Healthcare or Blue Cross Blue Shield. I can shop all the major brands including United Healthcare, Cigna, Aetna, Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield and more," says Mike Hagan, Medicare Supplement Insurance Expert.

SmartMedigapPlans LLC, is an independent insurance agency serving all of Texas that provides insurance products and services to Medicare eligible individuals in Texas. Their products include Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug (Part D), Medicare Supplement (medi-gap) plans, along with hospital indemnity plans, cancer insurance, dental and vision coverage. Smart Medigap Plans agents have many years of experience and extensive knowledge regarding Medicare supplement options.

For more information about "Medicare Concierge" service by Smart Medigap Plans visit their website at or call 214-893-1200 to speak to a Medicare supplement insurance specialist.


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