Scottsdale Arizona's Premier Outdoor Lighting Company Blingle Is Offering High Quality Lighting Installation Services

Blingle! of Scottsdale, Arizona, is helping the city’s homeowners and commercial property owners light up and decorate their homes and venues, year-round or for any special upcoming event. Readers can find out more about the company at - Visit Web Site.

Owned and managed by Heather Foidart & Mark Ivany, former Wall Street executives with a passion for delivering an exceptional customer service experience, Blingle! of Scottsdale combines simple and innovative technology with the best lighting professionals in the industry. Scottsdale residents can rely on Blingle for temporary installations for the holidays and single events or permanent lighting fixtures that adorn their property year-round.

The company offers a variety of lighting options to Scottsdale homeowners including low voltage LED lighting, residential lighting, dock lighting, landscape & patio lighting, string lighting, deck outdoor living lighting, patio chandeliers, accent lights, accessibility lighting, path lights, permanent lighting, event lighting, holiday lighting, commercial lighting, roofline lighting, tree lighting, yard, and pathway lighting, and much more.

Blingle! of Scottsdale brings several industry advantages, that its parent company is known for, to Arizona residents. The company prides itself on only using professional-grade lighting products and technology that run longer, shine brighter, and are much more power efficient. With a mind on local weather conditions when selecting equipment, the parent company ensures that each location nationwide lives up to its stellar reputation. Readers can find out more about Blingle at - Visit Company Website.

Scottsdale residents are also guaranteed a smooth working experience due to Blingle’s straightforward 7-step process that delivers customized lighting solutions to meet all customers' expectations. Starting with a consultation with a lighting designer, Blingle offers full support at every stage of the process including lighting demo, written proposal, contract & scheduling, installation, maintenance, and finally, takedown.

Heather explains the first half of the process by saying, “Our lighting design experts will meet with you to discuss your vision for the outdoor lighting project or special event. This consultation can either be conducted in person or remotely. With the use of our cutting-edge visualization software that creates a 3D rendering of your property, you will get a first-hand look at how the installation will look overlaid with the chosen lighting design. Once you have a clear picture in your mind of how your property will look and have approved the design, we get to work drafting a contract that itemizes all requirements and provides a price estimate.”

Mark guides Scottsdale property owners through the rest of the process by saying, “After acceptance of the proposal, we schedule the installation. We recommend that you book early to avoid potential delays during the holiday season. Once we get started, you can rest assured that our lighting experts will finish the work on schedule. You will also receive workmanship and product warranties for complete peace of mind. If something is not working as promised, you can always call us and a member of our crew will be on the way for any troubleshooting or repairs, at no extra cost. Finally, for temporary contracts, our team will return after the event to dismantle the setup.”

Though the Scottsdale location is a relatively new one, clients have already started recognizing the high-quality work that Heather and Mark, and the rest of the team at Blingle! of Scottsdale, can deliver. A recent review on HomeAdvisor says, “Wow! Blingle! of Scottsdale exceeded my expectations! Their team was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable and the work they produce is truly state of the art. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to add landscape lighting to their home or business.”

Blingle! of Scottsdale serves residential and commercial customers in the city and nearby areas including North Scottsdale, Carefree, Cave Creek, Desert Ridge, Fort McDowell, Fountain Hills, New River, Paradise Valley, Phoenix, and Rio Verde.

Readers can contact Blingle! of Scottsdale at (480) 690-3980 or visit its location at this address to get started with its range of high-quality lighting installation services.


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