San Diego Residents Seek Best Tattoo Art At Remington Tattoo Parlor

San Diego, CA based Remington Tattoo Parlor is inviting their community to make an appointment to design a great piece of art for their next tattoo. The parlor welcomes those who are ready to get their first tattoo done as well, especially since their talented artists can ensure everyone’s first piece will be inked exactly as intended.

The artists at Remington Tattoo Parlor boast a broad skill set that collectively spans virtually every style a customer would be interested in. From Classic Americana and Black & Gray to Realism, Surrealism, Japanese and so on, Remington’s artists each have a wealth of experience that ensures every tattoo that leaves the premises is enough to turn heads among the most distinguishing circles. However, as any enthusiast will know, tattoos are more often than not influenced by an artist’s personality and interests, and those who have a love for a certain style will likely be able to breathe more life into their work when applying their creativity within that niche.

Remington Tattoo Parlor understands this all too well, and this is why they proudly showcase each of their artists’ work both online and at the parlor. Customers can examine each artist’s past creations until they find a style that resonates with what they are looking for, and they can directly request that artist for their own tattoo. The parlor also recognizes that some customers need to form a connection with their artist in order to get the most out of their sessions. A tattoo is a sizable commitment, a piece of art that will likely be a lifelong companion, and having a design inked by an individual who understands what it stands for can make each session all the more memorable.

A review from Rachel T. offers a great deal of insight on why Remington Tattoo is considered by many to be the best San Diego tattoo parlor. The review, shared on their Google profile, explains that, “Remington is such a great tattoo parlor. It's full of extremely talented artists, each with their own unique and professional style. It is clear there is a standard for the quality of the tattoos and the artist themselves, and that quality is excellent! I have had multiple visits with Jasmine now, and I have finally found a tattoo artist I trust, appreciate and really like! I also brought my husband for his first tattoo. He can't get over how amazing it is!”

The review goes on to say, “Jasmine is not only a fantastic artist, but she's fun, great to chat with and honest. She is quick but extremely thorough, and her tattoos are beautiful. She is gentle as you can be with a needle, and she is very aware of her clients feelings, pausing as needed and constantly communicating. She, like the rest of the staff, are amazing artists and run a well oiled machine and give vibrant, lasting tattoos! This shop is amazing and highly recommended!”

Customers frequently praise the parlor for being clean and professionally-run, and the staff are always ready to welcome all kinds of visitors, from those who have numerous tattoos to those who are ready to get their first. Remington Tattoo believes that a great service requires more than competent artists — even though they boast some of the industry’s best among their ranks. Getting a new tattoo is often a treasured experience, even for those who have already undergone the process on many occasions, and the parlor looks forward to sharing their customers’ elation.

To support this experience, they ensure that inquiries, bookings, consultations and so on are managed as flawlessly as possible. This has the advantage of ensuring that each customer enjoys a personalized service no matter what kind of tattoo they want or how much they know about the art. Remington Tattoo’s team provides as much guidance as necessary.

Those who wish to schedule a consultation or follow up on any further inquiries are welcome to reach out to Terry Ribera, one of Remington Tattoo’s artists. Examples of all the artists’ work, their respective styles and more can also be found on the parlor’s official website and social media platforms.


For more information about Remington Tattoo Parlor, contact the company here:

Remington Tattoo Parlor
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