Roots Renewal Ranch Works to Stop Cutting in Girls

Argyle, TX– Roots Renewal Ranch has a recent blog post that discusses the reasons behind cutting, and how parents can help their teens to stop. Roots specializes in treating teen girls aged 13-17. Mental health is a prevalent topic in today’s society, especially among teen girls. Destructive behaviors such as cutting can stem from a multitude of reasons.

“Teens usually only resort to cutting themselves when their feelings have gotten out of control to the point of causing constant emotional anguish. They cut themselves because they would rather focus on physical pain than on the emotional turmoil they are in. Usually, when a teen has reached the stage of self-harm, her mental health is in serious trouble.

In the United States, up to 30% of teen girls participate in self-harm. Cutting is not a ‘phase’ that will pass on its own. It’s a sign that something is very wrong, and it needs to be addressed immediately before it progresses,” the article reads.

Emotions are handled differently between adults and teens. The brain of a teenager is wired differently than an adult, and the prefrontal cortex is not fully developed. This area of the brain controls emotions, thoughts, and actions. Adults can process strong feelings and emotions through learned coping skills over time. Teens have not had the chance to understand what feelings are overwhelming and how to handle them.

Parents can help their daughters find healthy coping mechanisms for when the urge to cut strikes. These include identifying her triggers, getting her a phone book or something to take her feelings out on, encouraging open communication, practicing active distraction or other less harmful physical stimulation, helping her regulate her nervous system, and using calming techniques. Implementing these practices can help her learn healthy ways of communicating her feelings and stressors.

“Self-harm is a reason for concern. It means your daughter needs a little extra help regulating her emotions and getting back on track. It is not, however, permanent. As a parent, it is scary to watch your daughter experience this kind of anguish. But it is treatable, and she is strong enough to heal. The kind of treatment that is provided at Roots Renewal Ranch is curated for young girls who need to find strength, hope, and healing. We work with your daughter to find the best ways to build emotional strength and find peace,” the article continues.

Roots Renewal Ranch utilizes a comprehensive, whole-child approach provided in a safe, nurturing, and undistracted environment. The focus is on all aspects of life including biological, psychological, social, and spiritual. The girls at Roots will journey through their life story, discover their core roots, create a loving sense of self, reconnect with family and community, build hope in a healthy and purposeful life, and develop a firm belief that they are enough. The property at the ranch has a working farm where the girls will learn skills such as animal care, as well as nature skills and courses. Schoolwork is also an important part of their program, so there is no worry about students falling behind in their studies.

For those who want to know more about Roots Renewal Ranch and their unique teen girl programming can call their hotline at 888-399-0489 or visit their website. They also have an online form for inquiries and questions.


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