Personal Injury Law Firm In Baton Rouge, LA, Rozas Injury Law, LLC, Celebrates Another Anniversary

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, personal injury law firm Rozas Injury Law, LLC recently celebrated its anniversary, marking years of service defending clients in personal injury cases of all kinds.

The firm’s practice area encompasses all personal injury cases including car accidents, dog bites, medical malpractice, motorcycle accidents, spinal injury, truck accidents, and much more. Greg Rozas, along with his team of highly experienced lawyers, represents everyday people going against large insurance companies which earmark an ungodly sum of money for litigation and tort-reform agendas.

“Whether you are defending yourself after being in a life-changing accident,” says Greg Rozas, “or you have fallen prey to the machinations of medical corporations taking unnecessary shortcuts in a bid to save money, Rozas Injury Law, LLC, has the trusted legal professionals you need to balance the uneven scales in your favor. We always look out for the little guy, saving you from just becoming another victim of human greed and malpractice.”

Greg Rozas and his team have helped countless victims reclaim their life following an accident by ensuring they have the resources to recover from their injuries over the long term. The law firm’s clients praise the team over at Rozas Injury Law for providing them with helpful and pertinent legal advice and offering timely and responsive customer service. It even boasts an impressive overall rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 from over 35 reviews on its Google Business Profile.

One client writes, “Greg represented my father in a very complex medical malpractice lawsuit. The case involved traveling across the country to take depositions from various doctors and medical professionals. In the end, Greg and his team put in hundreds of hours of work, never failing to keep my father up to date. A recent settlement has brought the case to a conclusion, which was very favorable to my father. Serious cases require the attention of skilled attorneys. Rozas & Rozas are truly skilled attorneys who always act with the best interest of their clients on their minds.”

Another Louisiana resident says, “This was my first experience dealing with an attorney. How relieved I was with Rozas and Rozas. Karl Ludwig let me know what was happening with my case every step of the way. Even before we had an agreement, he laid out all the options I had and what he could do to minimize any negative impact I may have been facing. These guys are worth every penny. Highly recommended.”

Greg Rozas obtained his law degree from Southern University Law Center in 1997 and spent his early days sitting in court and learning the ropes from the more experienced trial lawyers in Baton Rouge. When he finally felt comfortable with the courtroom, he started trying his own cases, living up to the example set by his father, an attorney who taught him about the values of honest client representation at a young age.

“I remember being inspired heavily by Atticus Finch from Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird, which I read in the sixth grade,” says Greg. “It was in those formative years that I realized what I wanted to do when I grew up. I wanted to fight for those who don’t have a voice in the legal system. After passing the bar in 1997, the domain of personal injury law gave me the chance to do exactly that.”

He continues, “Today, I use those lessons I learned from my father and the hours upon hours in court watching the experts, to stand up for those who are being taken advantage of by big faceless corporations. My practice allows me to represent accident victims whose whole lives were upended by the actions of those who, frankly, should have known better. Now, my time and energy are spent helping those who are being denied their rights by insurance companies concerned only about their bottom line.”

Readers in Baton Rouge can contact Rozas Injury Law, LLC at (225) 343-0010 or to schedule a free consultation.


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