Outpaitient Clinic Near Slidell, LA Looking For PT

Virginia Beach, Virginia -

Proactive Healthcare Recruiters, a healthcare recruitment agency based out of Virginia Beach, Virginia, is reaching out to professionals who may be interested in applying for PT positions at an outpatient clinic in Louisiana. The healthcare recruitment company is dedicated to finding highly qualified, forward-thinking healthcare professionals and integrating them with existing healthcare teams. Learn more about the company’s services on their website: proactivehealthcarerecruiters.com.

Physical therapists across the country who are looking for a great place to live and work should consider Slidell, Louisiana, home to one of the best aquatic therapy facilities in the Southeast. Its proximity to New Orleans means that not only does it have affordable living costs and is home to a wonderful and friendly community, it is also an ideal place for sports medicine professionals.

Proactive Healthcare Recruiters is pleased to share that one of Slidell’s best outpatient clinics — that focuses on orthopedics, sports medicine, physical and rehabilitation medicine, neurology, and geriatric patients — is looking to fill out their staff of Physical Therapists. For more than 20 years, this busy outpatient clinic has been making a difference in the community. With multiple treatment programs, there is always room for growth and the opportunity to hone a professional’s skills. Physical therapists who work with the clinic can find personal and professional fulfillment (on top of a wide range of competitive benefits).

Some benefits for working with this clinic include competitive pay with a flexible schedule (no nights or weekends required), access to a comprehensive health, vision, dental insurance, employee discounts, paid time off, professional development assistance, tuition reimbursement and more. Louisiana licensed physical therapists — even those who are recently graduated — who are interested in learning more about this opportunity should reach out to Proactive Healthcare Recruiters. They can also learn more at the following link: https://www.proactivehealthcarerecruiters.com/slidell-la-a-great-place-to-live-and-work-as-a-physical-therapist/.

The clinic offers a variety of services, though they are well-known for Aquatic Therapy, Dry Needling and Sports Medicine. The clinic has its very own indoor pool, which gives them the unique advantage of being able to offer low-impact Aquatic Therapy onsite, which is not found anywhere else in the region. Aquatic Therapy can help patients with various conditions, such as arthritis, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, injuries and post surgical therapies. Aquatic Therapy is performed in a warm-water pool by a licensed physical therapist who has completed Aquatic Therapy training. Working with individual patients, they develop a personalized treatment program to help patients achieve their rehabilitation goals.

Dry Needling is a skilled intervention therapy that uses fine needles to penetrate the skin and stimulate underlying muscular and connective tissues and myofascial trigger points to manage pain and movement impairments. This therapy releases or relaxes contracted muscles, improves range of motion and increases blood flow and circulation.

The clinic’s Sports Medicine team is widely respected, working with athletes from all levels across various sports to prevent, diagnose and treat injuries. The team uses the latest evidence-based treatments and therapies to help their patients get back to their sport as quickly and safely as possible. The professional staff also has exclusive access to MED X equipment. The clinic also boasts a full-service athletic club in their premises. Additionally, the Slidell clinic offers ASTYM Therapy, treatment for vertigo and balance disorders, management of Parkinson's Disease, spinal traction and more.

James Pemberton from Proactive Healthcare Recruiters says, “At Proactive Healthcare Recruiters, we want to help promising healthcare professionals find the ideal job for them, and similarly, we want to help recruiters fill their positions with talented individuals. This opportunity at the Slidell clinic is truly unique and a great position for anyone wanting to have a career in Physical Therapy. If you are interested in applying, you should do so as soon as you can.”

Those who want to learn more about Proactive Healthcare Recruiters and the range of services they provide for both healthcare professionals and recruiters should visit the company’s website. James Pemberton encourages anyone who has any questions or concerns to get in touch with a member of their team directly via email or phone. Proactive Healthcare Recruiters also maintains a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.


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