Omaha Contractors Offer Superior Lighting Solutions

NE based Blingle of Omaha is pleased to offer professional outdoor lighting solutions to residences and businesses in the area. The company specializes in creating custom lighting for all occasions, be it to emphasize a property’s beauty or serve a more utilitarian function. See more here: Visit Company Website.

Blingle has locations in several regions, and they command the respect of their clientele no matter where they go. This is attributed by many to the fact that the company has a knack for combining exemplary customer service with uniquely superior lighting solutions that meet — and often exceed — a client’s expectations. This is known as The Blingle Experience, and it is freely offered to every client regardless of how small, large, simple or complex their particular project may be. Blingle approaches every challenge with passion and creativity, and this is evident in their results.

Lighting options are available for virtually every requirement a client may have. Many might have unwittingly seen the company’s holiday or commercial lighting solutions as they drove past on the street — Blingle tends to be especially busy around holidays like Christmas, New Year’s and so on — but their installations are meant to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

For instance, the company’s permanent lighting solutions include options for residential, landscape, dock, patio lighting and more, illuminating certain areas to make them more welcoming or simply improve how safe they are to walk through. On that note, the company adds that they also do accent lights and path lights, each of which can be used to guide both residents and their guests over dark or unknown terrain. See more here: Visit Web Site.

Clients will also be pleased to learn that the company is similarly unwilling to make compromises with the products they use as they are with the professionals they employ. Blingle utilizes professional-grade lighting products and technology that are designed to shine brighter and longer than other options on the market. These products are also chosen for their efficiency, reducing the impact on a client’s utility bills.

Given the team’s familiarity with Omaha weather, the products they utilize are made to withstand whatever nature can throw at them. To support this weather-proofing, the company is proud to offer clients their No Lights Out Guarantee, a special service where Blingle will dispatch a professional to fix a bulb in the unlikely event it goes out. The company is so committed to keeping the community’s lights on that they aim to be out within 48 hours to perform such repairs or replacements.

On top of all this, the team is always ready to work closely with clients to find a solution that fits both their property and their personal preferences. Blingle also makes it a point to create digital demos and previews prior to making a formal proposal, giving clients a clear picture of the expected result before they make any final decisions.

All of this contributes to the company’s popularity with local residents. As a recent review from Debra B. says, “Great experience with Blingle. Communication and response time was terrific. Michael listened to what we were looking for in terms of landscape lighting and delivered exactly what we wanted. The installation team was friendly and efficient. I highly recommend Blingle.” Notably, many reviews are eager to recommend Blingle in this manner.

“Blingle was so great to work with!” shares another review from Travis M. “They had great communication and were on time all throughout the process. They had designs to choose from or the opportunity to customize my own with a designer. Not having to get on and off the roof or store my lights is awesome. My lights are the brightest on the block, and I will be choosing Blingle for years to come!

Clients are invited to visit the company’s Omaha address to speak with one of their knowledgeable representatives. A consultation can be held or scheduled where the client can lay out all their expectations and discuss any other concerns with the team. Blingle’s first order of business is always to understand what the client wants and what opportunities may be present on the property in question. The first step of the Blingle Experience is always the design consultation.

Blingle can be reached by phone or email. Clients may similarly connect with their local Blingle lighting contractors via social media.


For more information about Blingle of Omaha, contact the company here:

Blingle of Omaha
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