Offsite Document Storage Provider Introduces Reconditioned Box Program to Help Clients with Sustainability and Cost

Charlotte, North Carolina -

Record Storage Systems, a document and data management provider located in Charlotte, NC, recently announced a new program for document storage clients aimed at encouraging sustainable document storage practices, while offering a cost-effective record storage method. Storage customers can now enjoy the company’s Reconditioned Storage Box Program. This new program will enable businesses to purchase a variety of reconditioned document storage boxes in different sizes and quantities at a reduced cost, while still enjoying the same security and records management quality standard clients have come expect. This new program is perfect for companies who are looking for opportunities to incorporate more sustainable efforts into the current business processes to reduce their carbon footprint.

Claude Mitchell, Vice President, had this to say about the new program, “With the company increasingly looking for more ways to implement more sustainable business practices, and clients looking for ways to reduce the cost of document storage, this reconditioned box program will benefit the company and our clients alike. It offers more choice and flexibility for storage customers and will enable Record Storage Systems to improve recycling efforts in the Charlotte area. We are pleased to offer this program to all present and future document storage customers.”

storage boxes for offsite record storage

Record Storage Systems boxes are manufactured to withstand the rigors of daily use and maintain durability over the course of long-term storage in the record center. The new program offers a guarantee that all reconditioned boxes undergo a quality control check to ensure they maintain the standards and integrity required to protect confidential records. Recycling one ton of cardboard can save 9 cubic yards of landfill space. Once a reconditioned box has outlived its usefulness, the cardboard is recycled for a new purpose.

The reconditioned boxes will be offered in a variety of sizes depending on the type of business records. Box sizes include 1.2 cubic foot, with filing options for top tab letter and legal sized records, and 1.5 cubic foot for side tab letter and legal sized records.

Benefits of an offsite document storage vendor with reconditioned boxes include:

- 24/7 security monitoring, gated facility, video surveillance, and climate-regulated environment to keep boxes and records safe

- Barcode tracking technology on each box that enables fast and accurate record retrieval and delivery

- Defined record retention timelines and destruction schedules based on an accurate records inventory management system

Clients who wish to take advantage of the Reconditioned Storage Box Program, can contact Record Storage Systems for more information and learn more about ordering storage boxes for offsite document storage by visiting the company’s website at


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