Off-Island Dental Offers Various Options for Removable Braces

Bluffton, SC - Bluffton-based dental professional Off-Island Dental Care offers a variety of options for removable braces.

Patients of Off-Island Dental can expect excellent removable braces services that can bring back their beautiful and natural smiles. The company uses cutting-edge technology to accommodate everyone's condition. Their options include Invisalign, which is used to straighten teeth invisibly. With Invisalign, patients don't have to wear brackets and metal wires because the treatment plan comprises several removable aligners. Patients can remove these aligners while eating and drinking.

Another option recommended by Off-Island Dental Clinic is a retainer. This removable orthodontic equipment is essential to maintaining the alignment of the teeth once a treatment plan is complete. And lastly, another type of removable orthopedic functional braces that aids in resolving growth disparities is headgear. Usually, headgear is used to treat an extreme overbite.

Off-Island Dental is led by Bluffton’s favorite dentist, Dr. Michael David Langehans, an expert in transforming and rediscovering the ideal smile in adults and teenagers using removable braces. The Best Dental Clinic can also accommodate various dental needs, from simple teeth cleaning to more sophisticated operations. These include preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic methods designed to improve oral health and smiles.

Dr. Langehans offers dental bonding to fix chipped, decayed, or broken teeth. Off-Island Dental Clinic advises a dental crown to cover teeth and restore their original shape. Additionally, crowns are utilized to attach dental bridges and conceal dental implants. Composite fillings, composed of composite resin and glass particles, enhance someone's smile.

Dental veneers or thin coatings placed on the front of the teeth are other options for crooked teeth. They are likewise utilized to whiten teeth. Off-Island Dental also offers endodontic treatment for infected teeth.

"Off-Island Dental specializes in a vast array of dental services to meet the needs of any patient so that their beautiful smile may shine. We will assist customers in selecting the optimal dental care for their needs," the dental professional claims.

Patients of Off-Island Dental can also receive general dentistry procedures at a discount through the company's Dental Discount Plan. The plan gives a $5.00 discount on routine dental cleanings and a 20% discount on most dental treatments. The coverage also includes dental examinations and x-rays. Memberships are valid for twelve months from the date of service and/or payment. The plan is available as an individual or family membership bundle.

Patients can swiftly contact Off-Island Dental through their website,, and a coordinator will get in touch with them immediately to discuss their dental treatment options.

To schedule an appointment, individuals may phone (843) 815-7844 or email The Best Dental Care Company is located at 1 Sherington Dr # H, Bluffton, South Carolina 29910.


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