NYC LSAT Tutor Announces Newly Developed LSAT Reading Comprehension Tutoring Program

NYC LSAT Tutor, considered by many to be the best LSAT tutoring service in the New York area, is helping students struggling with the Reading Comprehension (RC) section learn strategies to conquer it. The private LSAT tutor has developed a new class specifically to help test-takers in the New York metropolitan area increase their scores in RC.

The RC, in its current form, includes 4 sets of questions based on material that is generally hard to digest quickly and meaningfully for casual readers. The material covers a wide gamut of topics such as law, history, science, the humanities, and more. The selected text also usually uses difficult-to-grasp vocabulary, has a very formal structure emblematic of the kind of legal and technical documents that law professionals have to parse daily, and may present the author’s opinion using complex rhetoric that is not trivial to derive conclusions from.

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For many students who appear for the LSAT, the RC is part of the test where they feel comfortable letting their foot off the pedal. This callous approach to RC might stem from the perception that reading, unlike other sections on the LSAT, is an innate ability that cannot be significantly improved over a short period. Moreover, some students might also overestimate their reading skills and take RC for granted. They may instead choose to put in a lot of effort towards the Logical Reasoning and Analytical Reasoning sections. Regardless of what camp LSAT aspirants are in, the spokesperson for NYC LSAT Tutor, Jon Paul believes that the RC is still a formidable challenge that is not to be underestimated.

Jon says, “The kind of students who generally aspire to be lawyers or work within the legal system have grown up with a love for the literary arts and have a profound appreciation for the written word. It is fair to say that many of the students that we coach are fairly confident in their ability to tackle the RC section. However, the kind of material they may have grown up consuming is not indicative of the kind of reading that law school requires them to master. It is a whole different ball game that can stump even the most avid readers. The solution is to approach the RC with what can only be described as a sense of humility. You should plan on examining your own cognitive biases and, in a way, relearn the basics of comprehension. Our team at NYC LSAT Tutor can point out the mistakes that you are most likely to make in the RC, based on our keen observation of your current reading skills. This includes time management as you have less than 10 minutes to spend reading the material in each question set. Most importantly, we will help you learn how to understand what the material is trying to say without misinterpreting any of its core concepts.”

NYC LSAT Tutor has over 15 years of experience guiding aspirants toward higher LSAT scores. The experienced and highly reviewed tutoring service has helped hundreds of students dramatically increase their prospects of getting into the top law schools in the country. Readers who want to check out what students are saying about the LSAT tutoring service in NYC can head over to its Google Business Profile where it has a perfect rating of 5.0 out of 5.0 from 24 reviews.

An excerpt from one of the reviews says, “He (Jon) takes a personal stake in your progress. I felt like I had an expert to bounce ideas off of and get perspective on which administration of the official exam I should take, how to approach reading comprehension, etc. This made it feel like less of a solitary experience. I highly recommend Jon.”

LSAT applicants in New York City and surrounding areas can contact NYC LSAT Tutor at (201) 906-0123 to sign up for tutoring at its Midtown Manhattan office or to schedule a private one-on-one session, whether in-person or online.


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