NuWave Construction LLC Provides Installation of New Roofs in Hyattsville and More

NuWave Construction LLC, a fully licensed general construction firm based in Hyattsville, MD, has announced they can install new roofs in Hyattsville and they can also offer total remodels, window replacements, home additions, HVAC installations, and decks. For property owners who need a new roofing, they will perform an inspection to find out the current state of the roofing to determine if it has to be replaced or if it simply needs a repair. Based on the results of the inspection, they will provide some suggestions and an estimate and if the customer approves, they will proceed with the project execution.

NuWave has been receiving highly positive reviews from customers such that they currently have an overall rating of 5.0 out of 5 stars on Google. In a recent review, Gabrielle M. gave them five stars and said, “Highly recommend Nuwave for any home improvement project - they are professional and honest - they care about their work and their customers. Save yourself the headache and call them for any construction/repair needs.”

New Roofs in Hyattsville Maryland

A spokersperson explains why they have been getting such rave reviews. He says, “We focus on the things that other contractors miss. We aim to give our clients the best quality work. We value honesty. It's imperative that we're transparent with our clients. And speed is king! No one wants to prolong projects any longer than they have to be. Our team works effortlessly to get you quality work with a efficient turnaround.”

Aside from roof installations and roof replacements, NuWave also provides high-end windows installations and replacements. It is vital to get the services of a licensed and experienced contractor like NuWave to have stylish and expensive windows installed for the home to ensure they are correctly fitted and sealed. This is important because preventing air from leaking through gaps is essential in minimizing the heating or cooling bill. Such gaps can allow for airflow into and/or out of the house, which can result into substantial energy losses. Those who are inexperienced may think that a window has been correctly installed but an experienced contractor will know if there are still a number of small gaps between the siding the window frames.

These tiny gaps in poorly installed windows can also allow moisture to get in and this can allow mold and mildew to grow inside the walls, which can result into serious problems. Mold inside the home can pose health problems for the inhabitants of the home.

NuWave Construction LLC is a minority-owned company that takes pride being an equal opportunity employer in the construction industry. They believe that what differentiates them from other contractors in the Maryland, Virginia, and DC areas is their integrity. NuWave does not only provide residential construction services but also for commercial buildings, including government buildings. NuWave is owned by licensed contractors Roy Dickey and Byron Jones. Rob has more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry through his work in various home improvement firms before the finally decided to launch his own business. Byron has developed the reputation of being a “DIY Guy” because he has been providing help to many people.

The spokesperson for NuWave says, “NuWave is big enough to get the work done, but small enough to to know who you are. We value our relationship with you and want to make sure each client we serve is satisfied. We understand that it can be hard to find the right contractor for you. This is why we offer transparency in terms of the quality of our workmanship, pricing, and references, among others. We have six main areas of focus, with most of our work completed in-house. These are renovations, HVAC, bathrooms, windows, roofing, and kitchens.”

When in need of new roofing Hyattsville residents can check out the Nuwave Construction LLC website or contact them on the phone or through email. They are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, from Monday to Saturday.


For more information about Nuwave Construction LLC, contact the company here:

Nuwave Construction LLC
2270 Beaver Rd, Hyattsville, MD 20785