North Detroit Lawn Care Company ‘Heroes Lawn Care’ Saves The Day With Expert Landscaping And Maintenance

DETROIT, MI – Heroes Lawn Care of North Detroit is pleased to share their new landscaping services to Motor City residents. The company specializes not only in routine lawn care and maintenance, but they also offer pet waste removal and pest protection. Owner Christian Ryall-Shoup says their services offer complete lawn care and go the extra mile for homeowners.

“At Heroes, we take lawn care seriously,” says Ryall-Shoup. “We offer comprehensive lawn care services that cover fertilization, irrigation and sprinklers, pet waste clean up, and even mosquito defense. Let us take the stress out of caring for your lawn, as we transform your lawn into a beautiful, healthy landscape. With Heroes, you’ll have the best lawn on the block.”

Heroes Lawn Care of North Detroit has four core services: Fertilizer Force; Irrigation Army; Doody Duty, and Mosquito Legion.

Calling themselves the “superheroes of turf,” Heroes Lawn Care of Northern Detroit are experts in aeration, overseeding, macronutrient and micronutrient application, controlling crabgrass, nutsedge and more. With Fertilizer Force, customers can enjoy Heroes Lawn Care’s 6 step fertilization plan, resulting in greener, denser lawns that stay protected against harsh weather and weeds. Customers can receive personalized agronomic lawn fertilizer assessment, where the Heroes team will do a full analysis of their yard health, and provide their professional recommendation.

Heroes Lawn Care’ Irrigation Army services feature a tech-enabled app which allows homeowners to control their sprinkler system with just a tap of a button. With many states enforcing strict watering laws every season, the Irrigation Army app takes the stress out of watering lawns, while also saving money. The Irrigation Army services also include irrigation repair, inspection, sprinkler repair and more. Visit company website to see a full list of irrigation services.

Doody Duty is Heroes Lawn Care’s pet waste removal service. Four legged companions are an important member of the family, but cleaning up their waste (and sometimes neighbor’s pets too) can be a burden. Doody Duty by Heroes Lawn Care ensures routine pet waste pick up. They also provide lawn deodorization to eliminate smell, and they also do spot treatment to prevent browning in the lawn. The company offers a number of Doody Duty packages found on their website.

Mosquito Legion, Heroes Lawn Care’s mosquito control service, helps homeowners keep their yards and families safe from the danger of mosquito infestation. One mosquito lays 100-200 eggs per day. Mosquitos are not only a pest, but they can carry disease. This is why Heroes Lawn Care offers their Mosquito Legion services. They offer preventative treatments that create an anti-mosquito barrier around the home, keeping families and pets safe. More information can be found on their website.

Routine lawn maintenance is important, not just for aesthetics, but for the overall health of the North Detroit community, shares Ryall-Shoup. Healthy lawns equals a healthier environment. Lawn maintenance limits pest infestations, over or underwatering, faulty irrigation that costs serious money, and overall, it just brings peace of mind, according to the owner.

In addition to providing top-notch lawn care, Heroes Lawn Care has a commitment to their community. They’re committed to eco-friendly sustainability, as well as supporting US troops and service people. The company gives back to their community through charitable donations and sponsoring local community drives. They aren’t just focused on providing the best in lawn care, but they are committed to keeping Northern Detroit safer, healthier and happier.

“Detroit isn’t just where we do business – this is our home,” says Ryall-Shoup. “We love our community and we do anything we can to support the people who make it great. Have a charity or donation drive that you want Heroes to be part of? Just contact us and let us know how we can support you.”

Heroes Lawn Care of Northern Detroit serves all areas in Metro City. In addition to residential communities, Heroes Lawn Care offers services for commercial properties. For more information, or to book a lawn assessment, visit web site or make a call to 586-400-2955, 51458 Schoenherr Road Shelby Township,MI,48315.


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