New York City Rear-End Accident Lawyer Samantha Kucher Explains How to Determine Fault in Rear-End Crashes

New York City rear-end accident lawyer Samantha Kucher releases a new article ( explaining how to determine fault in rear-end crashes. The lawyer mentions that there are thousands of car accidents in New York City every year. Some of the common types of vehicular accidents in New York are rear-ended car accidents.

“People commonly assume that the driver in the rear vehicle is to blame for a rear-end car accident. This is because rear-ended collisions are often prevented by increasing the distance between the two vehicles (something usually under the control of the rear driver). Each collision is unique and occurs under different circumstances,” the New York City rear-end accident lawyer says.

New York City rear-end accident lawyer

The lawyer adds that some of the common reasons for rear-end collisions include distracted driving, speeding, hazardous lane changes, and tailgating. Most rear-end collisions also result in injuries such as whiplash, fractures, traumatic brain injuries, spine and back injuries, disfigurement, and bruising.

Attorney Samantha Kucher says that minor rear-end collisions are referred to as “fender benders”. These accidents usually cause minimal to no damage to cars and other vehicles. When it comes to determining fault in rear-end crashes, New York has comparative negligence rules where another driver may be able to share the liability in certain accident situations.

In the article, attorney Kucher explains that “A driver can take part in an accident involving more than one vehicle in a rear-end collision. These types of accidents are often called "chain links." This type of accident happens when the second vehicle behind strikes the car ahead. The chain reaction then occurs where other vehicles follow the first one and rear-end other vehicles.”

Lastly, the lawyer reminds victims that it is important to get the advice of an experienced personal accident lawyer. An experienced lawyer may be able to guide victims in seeking compensation for their injuries. A lawyer can also help victim understand their legal rights.

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