New Study Suggests Colored Lenses Can Reduce Headaches

Encinitas, California -

The Irlen Institute, the pioneer and world leader in spectral filter color lens technology, has announced the results of a recent survey performed by the Perceptual Development Corporation of 669 people with visual processing disorders who wear individualized precision-tinted colored lenses. The survey found that the top five issues that were helped by the colored lenses are: light sensitivity at 91 percent; eye strain at 82 percent; reading problems and print distortions at 73 percent; headaches at 65 percent; and fatigue at 62 percent.

It was also observed that 87 percent of those who experienced headaches reported complete relief from the headaches when using Irlen® Spectral Filters. In addition, the average number of headaches and migraines each month was substantially reduced from 15 to five headaches per month, and migraines from six to two per month. Furthermore, 86 percent were able to reduce or eliminate their use of over the counter pain relief medication after getting Irlen® Spectral Filters. Lastly, 59 percent were able to reduce or eliminate their use of prescription migraine medication after using Irlen® Spectral Filters.

This method of employing colored overlays and spectral filters worn as glasses was originally discovered by Helen Irlen in 1983. This method was found to be effective for addressing Irlen Syndrome, which is also known as Meares-Irlen Syndrome, visual stress, or scotopic sensitivity syndrome and is a perceptual processing disorder and is not about optics. This syndrome is the result of the brain being unable to process visual information properly. It affects different areas, including behavior, concentration, academic performance, work performance, attention, and ability to sit still. This condition affects people differently and is usually a lifetime impediment to education and performance.

Symptoms of Irlen Syndrome include: light sensitivity; discomfort; attention and concentration problems; reading problems; depth perception; distortions; writing problems; and other characteristics. Some people may have physical symptoms, such as feeling tired, anxious, sleepy, irritable, or dizzy. Others have headaches, mood changes, difficulty in remaining focused, and restlessness.

For those who have problems with writing, math, night driving, depth perception, or the environment, colored filters worn as glasses might be the best solution. However, the colored overlays are an important first step in determining if the Irlen Method can work for them and offer relief. It has been noted that colored overlays can: reduce strain and fatigue; eliminate headaches; improve print clarity and stability; enable the person to track and keep one’s place while reading; make reading faster; boost comprehension; and allow the person to read longer and with comfort.

Those who have visual processing issues like Irlen Syndrome and visual stress have brains that overreact to visual stimuli, bright lights, and high contrast. Colored overlays work by decreasing the amount of contrast on the page and colored lenses work by adjusting the timing of the visual signals reaching the brain, thus making them less stressful for the brain to process.

At present, the Irlen colored overlays are in two different forms. One form is the original Irlen colored overlays, which are suitable for placing over books and paper. The second form is the Irlen Clings TM, which is applicable for computer screens, iPhones, e-readers, iPads, andother kinds of electronic screens. These come with optical-grade clear adhesive, which makes them removable and reusable.

Established by Helen Irlen in 1983, The Irlen Institute has been helping over a million people all throughout the world via its innovative technology and comprehensive diagnostic procedure. At The Irlen Institute, the health and the physical, educational, and emotional well being of their clients is their top priority. With over 170 Irlen diagnosticians and thousands of Irlen screeners, the institute is able to deliver the Irlen Method for the benefit of people in more than 44 countries. The institute’s international headquarters is located in Long Beach, CA, and offers clinical services and is home to the national and international laboratory that provides services to all of the European and North American affiliates of the institute.

Those who want to know more about the colored overlays, spectral filters, and the Irlen Method can visit The Irlen Institute website or contact them through the telephone or by email.


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