MortgageRight Announces Entering Into The Next Phase Of Its Roll Out Plan

Atlanta, Georgia -

Alabama-based MortgageRight announced that the company is moving into the next phase of its roll-out plan. The company is currently positioned as one of the top 100 lenders in the US.

Birmingham, AL – Leading Mortgage Broker, MortgageRight announced that the company was moving its net branching program into the next phase. The newly announced rollout plan will help put the company amongst the top 50 lenders as they make their way to the no.1 spot, banking on the highly successful and proven branching model. MortgageRight is set to take its net branch model to the next, more challenging, and broader nationwide stage.

Since 2019, Mortgage Right has effectively doubled in size, and the focus has been on building on that success moving forward. Over the years, one of the reasons for the company’s success was its innovative model that many in the industry found to be more financially lucrative than what was traditionally the norm.

Net Branches using MortgageRight’s model stand to make a significant profit while taking advantage of highly competitive rates. Plus, the company actively encourages entrepreneurs in the industry to partner with it to set up a registered net branch, which is why MortgageRight has grown tremendously in recent years.

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“Our net branches offer many advantages over the traditional model, and entrepreneurs in the industry recognize this fact. We provide businesses with a robust support system to ensure everything moves smoothly. Speaking of support, our net branches get all types of support needed to establish themselves. There are also opportunities to make more money by capitalizing on our already established brand name.” said one of the representatives for MortgageRight.

He added, “We have already started rolling out the second phase of our nationwide plan, the results from which will soon be evident. Our goal is to ensure that our net branches reach every American looking for a mortgage and every entrepreneur who wants to enter the mortgage industry.”

About MortgageRight

MortgageRight is recognized as being one of the leading and rapidly expanding mortgage brokers in the US. The company provides excellent customer service, training and competitive rates, which have fueled its growth in recent years. Net branch members also stand to make more money compared to the traditional lending model.


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