Minneapolis Dog Daycare Teaches Dogs Trick Of The Month

Minneapolis based Metro Dogs Daycare is now offering to help dog owners with the training process by teaching their pet a new trick (or many) each month. This trick of the month program aims to make pet ownership easier for owners by teaching their dogs fun tricks that they can repeat at home. Each month, the dogs can learn how to do something brand new. Merely signing their pets up while at Metro Dogs daycare is more than enough to instill excellent training in their pets, but trick of the month is the perfect solution for those dogs who love to learn.

“Give your dog the opportunity to hang with the daycare trainer one-on-one and learn brand new tricks,” says Metro Dogs. “You already know dogs need more than just food and water! You give them a safe home, with a loving family; you let them engage socially with their doggy friends at daycare. But how do you address their cognitive needs? They can’t read books, they can’t play music, and they sure can’t play video games! Let Metro Dogs help you out. We’ll pair your pup up with the daycare trainer for some one-on-one training time while at daycare!”

Metro Dogs Daycare promises to not only provide each dog with a fun and physically engaging day playing with other dogs but also aims to engage their brains. By learning new tricks, dogs are mentally stimulated, which creates new neural pathways and the positive reinforcement that the training process entails helps keep them motivated and engaged. Through multiple training sessions (and both half and full-day sessions are available), Metro Dogs’ dogs quickly pick up each month’s tricks. Full sessions are priced at $20 for a single session and $90, $165, and $315 for 5, 10, and 20 pack sessions respectively. Teaching a trick each month is an excellent way for dogs and owners to bond with each other as well, especially when the training is reinforced at home and at daycare.

“Metro Dogs is one of the best things that ever happened to my pup," says happy dog owner Anna. "He adores the staff (who are incredibly caring and knowledgeable about dog training and well-being). He's learned 4 new tricks in their Trick of the Month program - it's not just daycare, it can be training, too! I feel confident in Metro Dogs - their incredible care has made me feel really supported in being a new dog mom, knowing my little guy is getting well-supervised socialization with other pups!”

Enrolling a pup at Metro Dogs Daycare is a very easy process and can be done online from start to finish. The first step is to create an online account for both dog and owner via the online portal. To get started, Metro Dogs requires a few veterinary records, including rabies, DHPP, bordetella, and a negative fecal exam (done within the past year). Once all the necessary documents and forms have been submitted, an evaluation day will be scheduled. Once the dog has completed its evaluation day, the account is then ready to access daycare reservations, grooming services, immunization records, prepaid packages, and more. Both dog and owner can join the Metro Dogs Daycare family and learn and grow together as pet and owner.

The dog daycare center operates under a single promise. Metro Dogs says, “The entire Metro Dogs Daycare Team is 100% committed to providing you peace of mind with the very best dog daycare experience possible. We are all dog lovers here and understand what it’s like to want a trustworthy, loving location for our dogs when we can't be with them. We promise that you will see and feel the Metro Dogs Daycare Difference."

Visit Metro Dogs Daycare’s website for more information on how to get one's dog enrolled. They have helped turn countless dogs into well-trained pets, and no dog is an exception.


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