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This month Mindvalley, an online personal transformation learning platform, has announced the launch of their NFT project to help raise funds for Ukraine. The company collaborated with talented artists who created 21 unique non-fungible tokens to support Ukraine and its people. Right now, each piece is being auctioned for 0.5ETH on Opensea. These NFTs have special features, or "utilities", endowing the owners with various perks, including free tickets to Mindvalley University in Tallin, Estonia in July 2022 (valued at $5100), lifetime Mindvalley Membership for five people (valued at $5000 each), and private dinner with Mindvalley founder Vishen Lakhiani and Mindvalley authors and influencers. Mindvalley is hoping to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for Ukrainian refugees and those who are currently fighting for their freedom.

Mindvalley NFT Collection On Open Sea

"Mindvalley has many team members from Eastern Europe, including Russia and Ukraine, and the company is doing a lot to support Ukrainians during this difficult time. I think that this NFT project is a great idea, and I hope it will raise a lot of money. As a Ukrainian myself, I cannot thank Mindvalley enough for all they are doing to help my country," said the owner of IMHO Reviews, Vitaliy Lano.

The NFTs that were created by artists within the Mindvalley community are honoring everything Ukrainian - from the Ukrainian president to Ukrainian love. According to Mindvalley, the artists will receive 10% of the money raised, and the remaining 90% will go to Ukrainian refugees. All participants of the Mindvalley NFT auction are required to have a crypto wallet to participate.

Mindvalley NFT Collection 2

This NFT project is just one of many ways how Mindvalley supported Ukraine in the last two and a half months. All company employees were allowed to take time off work to help Ukrainian defenders and Russian protesters, with their salaries being secured. Mindvalley's office in Estonia was prepared to be turned into a refugee center providing Ukrainians who fled their home country with accommodation, food, and necessary supplies. Mindvalley has also started building a library of free meditations and therapeutic modalities in the Russian language to help people with the emotions they are feeling. The company made Mindvalley Membership free for Ukraine and are considering making it free in Russian as well.

"Mindvalley is helping Ukrainian creatives with jobs by accelerating hiring when they apply. This is truly amazing considering how many people lost their jobs and all sources of income because of the war. Thanks to companies like Mindvalley who care about people across the world, these people will be able to support themselves and their families again. Mindvalley also makes sure to raise awareness of what's going on in Ukraine. For example, one of their tribe storytellers is actually in Ukraine right now covering the situation there. This helps people from other countries understand better what Ukrainians are going through right now," said Vitaliy.

Mindvalley is a platform that has over 60 courses, or Quests, that focus on personal growth in different categories such as Body, Mind, Soul, Relationships, Work, and Performance. The courses are taught by some of the world's best experts. Right now, the company offers a $100 discount on their annual Membership.

For more information about Mindvalley, the annual discount, and updates on their NFT project, read IMHO Reviews' latest article.


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