Milwaukee & Dewalt Tool Holders: How To Clean Power Tools

Dennis Finds is helping new power tool users by offering insights on how they may clean and maintain their equipment. Dennis Finds is a power tools distributor dedicated to bringing blue collar workers high quality power tools and related products on the market, aiming to make jobs more manageable and more enjoyable.

As Dennis Finds explains, keeping power tools cleaned and maintained is vital to keeping them in good condition — and ensuring that they can be operated safely. Since users who are new to using power tools or amateurs starting a new hobby or career may not be aware how to do this effectively, the company is recommending that interested parties check out their guide on the subject, available for free on the Dennis Finds blog space.

In the guide, the company explains that there are many reasons as to why power tools should be treated with care. First and foremost of these is the fact that, over time and with use, power tools can accrue dirt, grime, and debris that can cause damage while the tool is being operated. This is especially true with tools that have delicate electrical components and moving parts. By cleaning them thoroughly, users can avoid unexpected damage. Cleaning power tools regularly will also help prevent rust and corrosion, which is especially important if the user lives in an area where there is high humidity. Overall, keeping power tools cleaned ensures that they will run smoothly without any jams, and this will also prolong the life of the power tools.

As to what to use to clean a set of power tools, Dennis Finds recommends mild soap. If the tool being cleaned is slightly dirty, carefully cleaning it with mild soap will allow the user to remove any grime or build-up without damaging the tool, and going slow will give the soap time to do its job. As a result, the power tool will be clean and ready to use the next time it is needed. In more extreme cases, where it might be caked with dirt and grime, the company recommends mixing mild soap with a diluted bleach solution. This method will cleanse the tool of all the built up gunk and also disinfect and kill any bacteria.

Notably, the company comments that additional precautions should be taken before any liquids, including soap solution, are applied to any powered equipment. First, it is important to unplug the tool and remove the batteries. Then, detachable components should be removed. Once that is done, a vacuum may be used to collect dust and dirt, and an air compressor or a can of compressed air may be used to clean dirt out of the grooves of the equipment. At this stage, the user can mix a simple cleaning solution (using mild soap and diluted bleach if needed) and carefully clean the tools. Heavy duty gloves must be worn during this process.

Parts that do not have any electrical components can also be placed in the mixture and left to rest for a bit before being cleaned. Afterwards, users can use a wire brush or a steel wool to remove any remaining debris, before wiping off any access with a clean cloth, air drying, and putting everything back together. Detailed instructions on how to clean power tools are available on Dennis Finds’ website.

Of course, there is also the question of how regularly power tools must be cleaned. According to Dennis Finds, new users and amateur hobbyists who are just learning to use the tool and do not use them too often will not need to worry about cleaning them after every use; cleaning them just once a month or so should be enough. However, if the power tools are being used regularly, it is recommended that they be cleaned after every use.

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