Milestone Church’s Haslet Campus Announcing “It's Worth It 2.0” Series

Haslet, Texas -

Guests and members are invited to participate in the new It's Worth It 2.0 series, which Milestone Church Haslet Campus began on August 27th-28th. Everyone is interested in learning what God has planned for them. It's not easy, and things often don't go according to plan. This series proposes that solutions and answers can be found in Jesus.

Even though Jesus lived thousands of years ago on the other side of the world, He nonetheless suffered this stress. He not only recognized the difficulties people face, but He also offered practical solutions. In their current series, It's Worth It 2.0, Milestone Church welcomes visitors to participate as they investigate what God's plan for each individual looks like.

Follow these 3 simple steps to fully engage in the It's Worth It 2.0 series at Milestone Church Haslet: grab an It's Worth It 2.0 book to engage, attend the series, and gather with a small group.

The It's Worth It 2.0 book by Pastor Jeff Little served as the inspiration and source for the new series. The series was developed to assist attendees in seeing the hidden worth in God's plan for each person's life and encourage everyone to take concrete steps in that direction. By actively engaging, participants will also learn about the values of Milestone Church Haslet Campus and how they relate to everyday life, all while having fun learning about these topics in a group setting.

Anyone interested, regardless of prior experience, is welcome to lead a small group. All relevant materials, such as Small Group Videos, a Leader Guide, and Activation Cards, will be supplied by Milestone.

Key Dates & Times

Milestone Church recommends attending each of the seven sessions in order to get the most out of the series. Participants may attend live online at or in person at the Haslet Campus. The series launched the weekend of August 27-28, and small groups will start meeting September 10-11.

If a member is unable to take part in It's Worth It 2.0, Milestone also provides Values 301 and Financial Foundations as other options for members to interact in small groups. These groups, service times, and location maps are all listed on the Milestone Church website.

Milestone Church is a life-giving, bible-centered, and Spirit-filled church with campuses in Keller, Haslet, and McKinney, TX.

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