Method Seven Provides High Quality Eye Protection For Indoor Growers

Santa Cruz, California -

Method Seven, a Santa Cruz based supplier of eye protection for indoor growers and other professionals, is inviting the community to take a look at the company’s high end protective eyewear. It is important to have the appropriate eyewear if anyone intends to spend a significant amount of time in grow rooms. With Method Seven glasses, a professional can be sure that they have some of the best eyewear on the market. The company takes great care to source the highest quality materials from trusted manufacturers in order to ensure they deliver a high quality product.

“Grow rooms have lots of light, but it's not broad spectrum,” says Method Seven. “Though this might be great for plants, it's not so great for your eyes. Human eyes contain rods and cones, which need broad spectrum light in order to focus, recognize shapes, register movement and see color. In a grow room environment, sunglasses make things worse by darkening all the light, so you squint less, but you still can’t see color, and it’s even more difficult to focus. Other grow light glasses attempt to color balance the extreme light spectrum but use cheap plastic lenses with very poor clarity that distort light and are hazy or blurry. With cheap grow room glasses, your eyes and brain work overtime to compensate. This leads to fatigue, headaches, seeing spots, and in some cases, damaging UV radiation. Your eyes are essential, and so is getting the most out of your grow. Don’t risk using sunglasses or cheap grow room glasses!”

Quality is what makes Method Seven glasses different from other grow room glasses. From the design to the build to the materials used, Method Seven goes the extra mile to provide their customers with a high quality product. They make their glasses out of mineral glass instead of plastic allowing them to put more into creating perfect vision, comfort and protection. Their glasses contain rare earth metals which help to negate some of the effects of the lights used in grow rooms. Their glasses are crafted by Carl Zeiss who is a world renowned glasses manufacturer. Method Seven lenses are never bent to fit into frames which helps avoid distortion and discomfort.

Their glasses are each designed to filter out specific wavelengths of light while allowing other wavelengths to pass through. Each lens is highly tuned to a specific light spectrum, making it so every set of Method Seven glasses fulfills its purpose without blocking out other wavelengths unnecessarily. This is only possible with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, which is why Method Seven places such an emphasis on both.

A number of customers have left reviews of Method Seven’s eyewear. Malte W. says about Method Seven’s pilot glasses, “The glasses are a great choice, not only for pilots. I work at the beach, and with these glasses it is very comfortable. Contrast is amazing and better than with any other glasses I had before. I had similar priced models from famous brands but none come close. You really forget you’re wearing them, also because of the great nose pads. Delivery was also lightning fast. From California to Germany in four and a half days. You get a nice protective case and a soft case. Glad I made the decision to go with Method Seven!”

Another review from Barry K. states, “I had an issue where one of the nose pads on my new sunglasses kept falling off when I cleaned the glasses. I ended up losing one of them. M7 was very quick to respond with sending out new pads, and I used a pair of pliers to squeeze the nose pad mount together to make them tighter. It’s been fine since. It was a miss on initial quality control but a good and quick response from customer service. My wife and I both wear M7 sunglasses. We are both pilots and find them stylish and functional.”

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