Method Seven Offers Polarized Sunglasses for Women and More

Santa Cruz, California -

Method Seven, a company based in Santa Cruz, CA, has announced one of their main products, which are polarized sunglasses for women. These sunglasses for women are called Lennox Sun Polarized glasses, which were originally developed for outdoor gardening and are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. It employs their New World Polarizing technology that lets through the entire natural color spectrum, while blocking glare and enhancing contrast. This is in contrast to the regular polarized glasses where rainbows and checkerboards can be seen on phone screens. The lens of these sunglasses employ a best-in-class anti-reflective coating known as “the purps,” which provides the inside of the lens with a distinctive purple shine.

The Lennox Sun Polarized glasses are made from lightweight but shatterproof polymer with 100 percent UV protection. They allow the color spectrum of light to pass through, enabling the eyes to see the world in outstanding detail and balance. The Lennox is provided with a women-specific frame that has been designed to be appropriate for smaller faces while offering a lot of coverage. The frame is handcrafted in Italy using acetate, which is the rich and smooth material typically used for luxury brands.

Also available from Method Seven is the Aviatrix FLT24 prescription sunglasses. It is fitted with a Method Seven Rx advanced polymer lens with improved contrast, notch filtering, and outstanding clarity. This lightweight but shatterproof neutral gray lens is equipped with full UV and infrared heat protection. It is available as a bifocal “readers,” single vision Rx, or progressive Rx lens. The customer will need to submit some requested information through email. They will confirm the receipt of the information from the customer and ship the custom Rx glasses in three to six weeks.

It is important to note that the precision optics for these prescription aviator sunglasses were designed particularly for aviators. These glasses employ top-of-the-line lenses with notch filtering technology to provide the best in terms of clarity, contrast, and performance.These Rx lens are made from durable polymer with dual high-quality coatings and have a VLT of 24 percent, which is suitable for prescription eyewear and for people who need high levels of visual light while providing protection from UV and infrared radiation. It offers unmatched clarity, improved contrast, and world-class performance.

The Aviatrix FLT24 prescription sunglasses have a titanium alloy frame with modern aviator styling and some of the most advanced frame construction available. The frame’s temple pieces made of titanium alloy taper off to less than 1.0 mm thick to seamlessly conform to the head and headset for any flight duration. These sunglasses have been designed particularly for headsets and have been tested to ensure they fit in flight helmets. Designed specifically with female pilots in mind, these sunglasses are also provided with tangle-free rubberized nose pads that won't get caught in hair.

Method Seven was established by a collaborative group of engineers, scientists, and problem solvers who wanted to master the spectrum of visible light as a way to maximize human vision. They started by coming up with eyewear solutions for people working in the most extreme visual situations, such as pilots traveling at mach speeds or growers who were exposed to high-wattage lights for long periods of time. It was not long before they realized that the eyewear they have designed for extraordinary situations may also help people in regular situations. The result is eyewear developed with the best Japanese, Italian and German engineering, in combination with American ingenuity. Not only do the eyewear they have developed improve vision but they also make the individual look better because they believe that function is fashion. Customers can rest assured that they will continue to question, explore, and innovate to come up with better lenses, better frames, and better vision.

Those who are interested in the eyewear and optical products available from Method Seven can visit their website or contact them on the phone or by email. They are open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.


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