Meth Detox Facility Orange County Launches a Trio of Resources Highlighting Its Suitability as a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

South Shores Recovery of California has established a reputation for being one of the leading Orange County alcohol and drug treatment services. It has accomplished this by consistently helping its patients with important inpatient and outpatient addiction-related treatments. Many of these have helped those that sought assistance from them on the path to permanent recovery from methamphetamine, as well as other drug or alcohol dependencies.

To continue that mission, the staff at South Shores Recovery wishes to highlight a newly launched trio of resources on its website. Resources that are aimed at showing its suitability as a treatment destination for those seeking help with methamphetamine, as well as other drug or alcohol abuse disorders in the Orange County, CA vicinity. A representative of this rehab facility says, “South Shores Recovery recognized long ago that it takes much more than good treatment programs to make for a suitable drug and alcohol rehab environment. That’s why the management went to great lengths to provide a well-rounded rehab experience. When you factor in South Shore Recovery’s reputation, location, convenience, and large number of drug or alcohol abuse treatment options, it ranks up there with the best rehab facilities in the entire state.”

A jar of overturned shards shows the need for meth detox in Orange County CA with South Shores Recovery

The first new release highlights their beautiful facilities in Dana Point, California. The facility’s representative stated that it’s a peaceful and serene location that’s more like being in a quaint housing development than attending treatments in block dormitory-style buildings that seem cold and uninviting. It’s what makes them more suitable and appealing than several other of the area’s drug and alcohol treatment options. Another release mentions how Eric Botelho and the whole staff at South Shores are dedicated to helping those in need of support to stop using substances. He mentioned that while many might consider meth to be a drug without the need for detox (as with heroin and alcohol) this could not be further from the truth. Cessation of regular meth use can result in physical withdrawals as well as a host of mental health issues, including severe depression and anhedonia. Their trained clinicians help clients overcome these meth withdrawal symptoms daily. South Shores Recovery’s representative stated that makes them well suited as a meth treatment destination for those who are struggling with methamphetamine dependency in Orange County and elsewhere in Southern California. Not only can they help with problematic and bothersome withdrawal symptoms, but they offer a full spectrum of services for drug addiction treatment. This includes everything from medical detox to aftercare and relapse prevention planning.

The last new release is a blog that is centered around harp therapy. It’s an article that discusses the latest forms of harp therapy in substance abuse treatment. This is also something that South Shores highlights as an offering that other centers in the state currently do not have. With increasing numbers of studies showing the efficacy of music therapy more widely, and harp therapy for addiction more specifically, their ownership and staff alike are proud of this signature offering. Along with surf therapy, it forms a perennial client favorite and has helped support hundreds as they form a foundation for recovery at South Shores Recovery.

Those that have received treatments for drug and alcohol disorders at South Shores Recovery often speak glowingly of that experience. Kat Tchamanian proclaimed, “I cannot thank South Shores Recovery enough for what they’ve done for me. I’ve struggled with mental health and addiction for most of my life and have been through several other treatment centers with no success. I came to South Shores a completely broken person and didn’t think I would ever improve my life. A staff member named Paris immediately showed me so much compassion and kindness. She instantly made me feel safe and that I was in the right place. I spent 1 year in their program and can’t stress enough how much it has helped me. Through their counseling, therapy, and groups, I have gained so much confidence in myself and the person I am today. They really tend to everyone’s specific needs and make sure everyone they are getting the help that personally benefits them. The owner Eric “BZ” really cares about his team and clients. I instantly gained a second family! Over 3 years sober today, and I am beyond grateful to have spent the time I did at South Shores! It has really set me up to have the life I always dreamed of.”

South Shores Recovery’s representative reminded that those seeking meth detox in Orange County or help with any other drug or alcohol-related disorders can contact them at any time by phone about bed availability and admissions.


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