Lucas Root Releases Elements of Community Episode 16: "Soul"

San Diego, CA based Lucas Root is pleased to announce the release of a new episode in the Elements Of Community podcast. The episode discusses ‘soul’ and how it is important to the creation of a healthy, strong community. By exploring how soul affects a community and more, the podcast aims to show their audience how they may create a structure that encourages a win-win situation for every member of the community. Here you can listen to Elements Of Community Episode 16 - "The Incredible Soul Nutrients of Community, Love & Connection".

The episode is hosted by Lucas Root alongside Jessica Encell Coleman, a ‘love activist,’ empowerment educator, gratitude alchemist and the founder and creator of The Magic of Human Connection (a workshop that has facilitated a way for thousands of people to create more love inside themselves, with each other and across the world). It is one of several to feature Jessica Coleman and discuss the concept of feeding the soul of one’s community.

The podcast begins by discussing what Lucas Root and Jessica Coleman refer to as The Gratitude Adventure. “The gratitude adventure was born out of Jessica’s favorite practices in the world,” says the podcast in its Show Notes. “Every day for the past 10 years, she would start her day by going for a gratitude walk and do that anywhere between 30 minutes to 90 minutes. Out of this practice, Jessica created a program in which they would meet weekly. After the program, half of the group says they don’t want to stop. So she created a dive-in program where every day, they do all the practices and built upon each other.”

The podcast goes on to talk about the four enjoyments, the common language of the community. The idea is inspired by a quote from the Dai Lama which says, “I want to live a really beautiful life so that when I’m older, I can look back and live it twice”. The first enjoyment is looking forward to something before it has happened, the second is being in the moment and being responsive and creative (as it occurs), the third is reflecting on the benefits of whatever one has enjoyed and the fourth is enjoying activities or events that one might have never experienced. The podcast also talks about ‘soul nutrients,’ explaining what they are and why they are needed. During the show, they take a look at what makes an effective community leader, supporting and creating the structure of winning for all and more.

While speaking about her experience with her own gratitude and lifestyle related projects during the podcast, Jessica Coleman said, “It’s been the most transformational experience to have such a consistent practice, but also to really see what happens when you can build these pathways in your mindset, like over and over again, and really build an internal muscle around gratitude, around celebration and around just tapping into the abundance of life. And so that’s something that’s woven throughout the magic of human connection in everything. Because that influences me so much, but I never had a way to actually like deliver that to people. I would teach friends about it. And then I would see those friends like two years later and they’d be, like, we’ve gone on gratitude walks every day since you told us about it.”

The Elements of Community Podcast is an excellent way to learn about community and the benefits of working together. Hosted by Lucas Root, the podcast features knowledgeable guests with the ability to provide a great deal of insight into self-improvement and building a community. The podcast’s goal is to teach people how to grow communities and create spaces where the connections between members of the community are profitable for everyone involved.

Those interested may view the Elements of Community Podcast episodes here and learn all about how Lucas Root and his guests build large, thriving communities (and how they feed these community’s souls through healthy practices). The podcast’s website also has more information on the subjects it touches on, along with regular updates regarding uploads and weekly guests.


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