Junk Rescue Provides Junk Removal Service In Concord, NC

Charlotte, NC based Junk Rescue is pleased to offer their junk removal and dumpster rental services to communities in Concord, NC and beyond. Wherever in Concord a customer may be located, the company will be able to find them and haul away their junk for highly affordable rates. Junk Rescue is committed to keeping local homes and streets free of junk, and they encourage residents in the area to call them immediately if they need assistance. Interested parties may learn more or make a booking here: https://www.junkrescue.com/junk-removal-concord-nc/.

Junk Rescue offers two distinct services that can both be used by customers to manage an extraordinary amount of junk. However, the team’s ultimate goal is to ensure their community can get rid of their junk effectively, so customers are invited to get in touch today for a full discussion regarding their options. The team is experienced in dealing with a variety of junk-related issues, and they are always happy to provide a recommendation in cases where a customer is unsure of the kind of service they need.

Junk Rescue

For instance, some may prefer to clean out the property in question by themselves. Homes, family-owned businesses and so on tend to fall under this category since customers will prefer to maintain a degree of privacy (or stay within budget) while they empty the property of all the unwanted items that have accumulated within. Here, Junk Rescue suggests that they rent a dumpster and fill it themselves, where the company will either collect it or swap in an empty dumpster once it is full, as the customer prefers. Junk Rescue offers a wide variety of dumpsters that can meet any need, from the relatively small 10-yard option to the massive 40-yard option (and several sizes in-between).

Alternatively, customers may elect to let the company fill the dumpster on their behalf. Whether the property in question is privately-owned or not, Junk Rescue’s team always conducts themselves with professional courtesy and respect. Customers can always rest assured that their property and privacy will be given the highest consideration by the company.

As the company is well aware, customers can find themselves in unexpected situations with more junk than they know how to handle (or at least handle swiftly and safely). Diane S. illustrates one such situation in their review on the company’s Google profile. The review explains, “This company truly lived up to their name during an interstate move from a house that had been unoccupied for nine months. 20 years worth of accumulation meant this was no ordinary cleanout by any stretch of the imagination. This was a hot, sweaty, dirty job, and Chris and team came through for us when other vendors either canceled or walked off the job midway. Tight timelines and setbacks were the norm, but Junk Rescue was the one provider we could count on. Special thanks to Matthew, without whom we would not have been able to make this happen. I will be posting this review on every platform I can find, because these guys deserve as much credit as I can provide. Thanks, again!”

The company also offers a more generalized junk removal service that they can utilize at any time. All they have to do is contact the company (or visit their website) and suggest a date and a 2-hour window for the team to arrive. Junk Rescue will call the customer 15 mins prior to arrival, following which they will examine the junk in question and come up with an estimate for hauling it. This estimate, notably, is zero-obligation, which means they do not have to accept it if they do not like it. However, if the price meets their satisfaction, Junk Rescue will then proceed to take all the junk away.

Junk Rescue believes in completing every project in a responsible manner. As such, customers can expect their junk to be deposited in an appropriate location, and the company is able to have numerous items recycled as well. They accept all manner of items, from refrigerators to televisions, furniture and more.

The company invites Concord, NC residents to get in touch today if they have any more questions about junk removal in Concord NC. Blake Redden of Junk Rescue (or another member of their team) will always be happy to provide clarification where necessary.


For more information about Junk Rescue, contact the company here:

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