Insurance Brokers Explain California Car Seat Laws

Santa Ana, California based Insurance Navy Brokers - California is reaching out to local residents to explain California’s car seat laws. The company specializes in non-standard auto insurance, offering insurance products through more than 30 storefronts, a call center, and online platforms to Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Texas, and California.

A representative for Insurance Navy, Agnes Zabawa, says, “Buckling up is vital. Anyone who drives has that knowledge drilled into their heads. Having your seatbelt on protects you and protects others. Our children, however, can’t use seatbelts and need to be using car seats instead, but the guidelines around that topic can be a bit murky. With this in mind, we have published a new guide to cover the latest methods to properly secure your child in a safety seat. It also covers the relevant car seat laws you need to comply with in order to avoid costly penalties, tickets, and risk of injury (or worse).”

As Insurance Navy explains, California has one of the most comprehensive, robust, and complicated sets of rules regarding driving and travel on its roadways. From California car insurance minimums to complicated child car seat rules, everything is laid out in a manner that gives exact guidelines to follow. As such, it might be a little hard to understand without some help.

The California Vehicle Code stipulates that all children who are passengers in a motor vehicle who are under the age of two must be secured in a ‘rear facing’ car seat situated in the backseat of the vehicle. While this does seem very straightforward, there are a few exceptions that add some complexity to the rule because some children may need to continue riding in a rear-facing car seat if they have not reached a certain weight or height threshold put in place by the state.

If a child is under two years of age, they must be safely secured in a backwards-facing car seat. However, if the child is two years of age or younger and weighs 40 lbs or more, or is 40 or more inches tall, they are exempt from this requirement. Notably, this does not mean they are allowed to ride without a child seat, more that they do not need to be in a rear-facing child seat. Instead, they may be in any car seat that is the proper size for the child and meets any applicable federal safety standards.

Zabawa says, “If you are a busy and cautious parent, there is more than enough for you to worry about without stressing over the exact nuances of the complex California state laws regarding car seats. If everything else fails, just keep the ‘40-40-4 rule’ in mind. With this, you just need to remember three things. 40 or more inches tall, 40 or more pounds on the scale, and 4+ years old — if your child doesn’t mean any one of these qualifiers, meaning they are less than 40 lbs or less than 40” tall or younger than 4 years of age, they need to remain in a rear-facing backseat car seat. Simple.”

Insurance Navy’s commitment to the wellbeing of their community and their excellent service has earned the company a sterling reputation. In a review, J. Gomez says, “Very professional and affordable rates! Adriana was the agent helping me find an insurance policy that was best suited for my budget. I would say she definitely went out of her way to help me find the best plan for me and my family. I would recommend Insurance Navy to anyone! You won’t regret it.”

L. Bean writes, “I was referred by a friend to give this company a try, and I was blessed to be serviced by Andrea. This girl made me feel comfortable and explained everything to the T. Very professional and easy to understand, and her response time was great. She made my experience a good one. Guarantee I will refer them to my family!”

Insurance Navy’s website maintains a blog with more information about California car seat laws as well as a variety of other subjects. The website also details all the services provided by the company. Agnes Zabawa encourages clients to get in touch with an agent for more information. Social media users may connect with the company on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and more.


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