Houston Medicaid Planning Attorney Whitney L. Thompson Explains Nursing Home Abuse in Texas

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Houston Medicaid planning attorney Whitney L. Thompson (https://www.wthompsonlaw.com/the-importance-of-keeping-an-eye-on-nursing-homes-and-rehab-facilities/) releases a new article explaining nursing home abuse in Texas. Attorney Thompson cites a New York Times report on the problematic nature of government oversight of long-term care facilities. The lawyer also brings attention to the rating system provided by the Centers For Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on the quality of healthcare facilities.

“The [New York Times] report documents how federal and state investigators failed to record some severe nursing-home infractions – including abuse, neglect, over-medication, and endangerment of a resident. Some facilities with serious violations retained their glowing reviews regardless,” the Houston Medicaid planning attorney says.

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The attorney refers to the Nursing Home Improvement and Accountability Act, introduced in August 2021, as a potential piece of legislation that might help. At present times, however, attorney Thompson relates how government funding is still stretched very thin in terms of provision for elder care. The attorney also mentions how the standard of care and wages for care workers remain low across the board in the US.

In the article, attorney Thompson also discusses how government oversight of care facilities also happens in Texas. Under the Texas Administrative Code, Texas nursing homes are required to adhere to a standard of care. As with all Texas citizens, nursing home residents have the right to adequate care and services that ensure a quality of life.

The article defines nursing home neglect as the stage where nursing homes fail to meet standards and do their obligations of caring for their residents. Willful infliction of physical, emotional, and psychological pain and abuse all fall under the category of nursing home neglect. Texas law permits nursing home residents and their families to hold care facilities accountable for neglect or abuse inflicted.

“Every resident should also have a care plan that outlines their needs for housing, medication, social services, equipment, and other necessities. Other standards of care are also required by Texas law. These include not giving residents any unnecessary drugs, keeping the medication error rate under 5%, providing a safe environment, and preventing bedsores,” explains attorney Thompson.

Attorney Thompson stresses the point that although legislation exists aiming to improve the situation and look after our elderly population, family members must also exercise due diligence in selecting care facilities. The attorney emphasizes the importance of consulting with an experienced Medicaid planning attorney before making the choice.

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