Greenwald Law Discusses Why Persons Accused of Arson Need to Higher a Good Criminal Lawyer Right Away

The Middletown, NY-based Greenwald Firm specializes in several different criminal law areas. This firm has garnered a highly favorable reputation when it comes to criminal law defense by consistently putting its legal team’s many years of experience to work to achieve favorable outcomes for the accused they represent.

One criminal law area that the firm’s founder, Attorney Benjamin Greenwald, wanted to highlight is his legal team’s arson defense skills. A criminal law area where he says that it’s critical for those who stand accused of wantonly starting a fire to hire a competent arson lawyer to represent them. Attorney Greenwald says, “Many people are unaware of just how severe the penalties for a guilty conviction relating to arson are. Under some circumstances that means never seeing the world from anything but behind bars again. That’s what makes getting the right legal team for your arson defense so critical. With our experience here at the Greenwald Firm, we know how to sift through the evidence related to an arson case and examine it in court in such a way that it produces a favorable outcome for our clients.”

Attorney Greenwald went on to point out that there are five very distinct levels of arson accusations in the State of New York. On top of those levels, there are also other considerations for the severity of an arson charge such as if they were people injured or killed in the fire, what type of property was set on fire, and how the fires were started. He stated that this creates a lot for any legal team to deal with and that’s why experienced law firms such as his often are the best choice for someone’s arson defense. This Greenwald Law - Criminal Lawyer Middletown NY also brought up the fact that it’s important for someone who stands accused of arson to contact them right away. This is because the more time that passes from when a fire was started, the better chance that critical evidence needed for a robust arson defense can become tainted or misplaced. He also emphasized that while he is often offered acceptable outcomes by the prosecution, he has no problem going to court to make sure his client has access to their full legal rights under New York law. Attorney Greenwald applies this same level of commitment when representing those accused of other crimes such as murder, drug crimes, criminal sexual conduct, forgery, weapons charges, and DWI/DUI offenses.

Those that have received criminal law assistance from the attorneys and support staff at the Greenwald Firm often rate that experience as being 5-star. Jose 031310thelyfe stated, “Ben Greenwald did a great job on my case. I was facing a lot of time and he did what he had to do to get me the minimal sentence. I am truly grateful to him for that. He is always professional, hardworking and has a great rapport with the judges and court staff. I would recommend him to anyone, and I do!” Trisha Felix proclaimed, “After dealing with several unscrupulous attorneys, my husband and I found honesty and integrity at the Law Office of Benjamin Greenwald. Mr. Greenwald was upfront about possible outcomes and fought hard to make the best of a bad situation. The professionals in this office have also been helpful and considerate at all times. It was truly a pleasure to have this legal team on our side.”

Greenwald Attorney also felt it was worth noting that they can be reached 24 hours a day by phone by those who stand accused in a criminal law matter. That 24-hour contact number is posted on every page of the Firm’s website. Initial consultations with Attorney Greenwald or another member of his legal team are always done free of charge. He added that his firm not only provides criminal law legal services for those who stand accused in Middletown and Orange County, New York but other New York counties too such as Dutchess, Sullivan, and Ulster counties.


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