Gait Doctor of Auckland Becoming Well-Known for Having the Best Custom Orthotics

Gait Doctor is a clinic located in Auckland New Zealand that has made a solid reputation for itself, by not only designing highly impactful custom orthotics, but with the experienced team at the clinic led by Dr. Cherye Roche offering a very details bio mechanical analysis and report as part of an evaluation process. Dr. Roche love for her profession was born from the treatments that she received as an athlete growing up. That showed her first-hand how correcting even minor foot problems can have a dramatic impact on the rest of the body. This is why she went on to major in kinesiology and exercise physiology and then work as an athletic trainer at the highest levels and then into private practice. Dr. Roche says, “As a specialist in foot issues and associated problems, my goal is to identify the underlying biomechanical, neurological or physiologic causes of a patients’ condition, to help them resolve their condition, restore their normal function, enhance their performance, and help their body to express its optimal potential.”

Dr. Roche went on to say that one of the reasons why her treatments and custom orthotics are highly successful a majority of the time, is that she uses special technology to create her custom foot orthotics. A biomechanical analysis technology called GaitScan. The appointment that makes use of this advanced technology, starts with a detailed physical examination regarding posture, foot function, leg length, and other relevant assessments. This is followed up by having the patient walk across a pressure plate that is attached to the GaitScan machine. Once this is done it generates a gait analysis report and the results of that and the physical examination will help Dr. Roche and the patient decide if having a pair of custom orthotics made will help the patient resolve some of their foot & posture-related health issues. She stated that over 70% of people can benefit from having custom orthotics made for them.

Dr Cherye Roche

This clinic only use the highest quality orthotics that are made in Canada and are the best on the market. The hard part of these orthotics come with a lifetime guarantee against cracking or breaking. Dr. Roche credits her expertise in the field, combined with the advanced technology and quality orthotics she uses, with helping her now see more patients than ever before. Some of the ailments that those who wear her custom orthotics may get relief from include Painful big toe (Hallux Rigidus), Ball of foot pain (Metatarsalgia), Morton’s Neuroma, Hammer Toe(s), Foot Arch Pain (Plantar Fasciitis), and Heel Pain (Heel Spur or Achilles Tendonitis). Properly fitting custom orthotics also have the potential to help with Shin Splints (Tibial Tendon Disorder), Low back pain (Lumbar Strain), Sciatica (Lumbar Disc Protrusion), Hip Pain (Piriformis Syndrome), Collapsed foot arch (Pronation Syndrome), and Runners Knee (IT Band Syndrome / Patella Tracking Syndrome).

This Auckland clinic that’s known for having the best custom orthotics for feet also had some other big news. Dr. Roche stated, “We will have a new member of our team. Anke Gordon will be working with us as a clinical/professional assistant to me in the clinic. She will be assisting with the dispensing and fitting of the custom orthotics, working as a GaitScan technician conducting GaitScans, and assisting in supporting our clients to ensure that everyone is treated like a VIP (Very Important Patient)! Anke will be observing our processes for the first few weeks to acclimate to our clinic. So, be kind and patient with her as she settles in.”

Clients that have sought help from the Gait Doctor for themselves or a loved one often rave about the treatments they have received from this clinic in the reviews that they write. Lisa Chen stated, “Dr. Cherye is very friendly and knowledgeable, she arranges the treatment in every detail. She is great! We are very happy with the treatment. Many thanks.” Yoga Within proclaimed, “Dr. Cherye is amazing! Super knowledgeable and awesome at what she does. She really helped my daughter with her leg and spinal imbalances. It's life-changing stuff! Thank you.” Those in Auckland and the surrounding areas that would like to know more about Gait Doctor and the services that it offers can call them, send them an email, or request a consultation by filling out the form that’s found on their website.


For more information about Gait Doctor, contact the company here:

Gait Doctor
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59 Hastings Road Mairangi Bay, Auckland 0630 New Zealand