Frux Home and Yard Remarks On The Increase In Americans Cooking At Home Since The Pandemic

Frux Home and Yard, a manufacturer of kitchen accessories and cutlery, is drawing attention to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on how Americans are choosing to spend more time cooking at home instead of going out to eat or ordering food online.

The company is encouraging readers to check out an article from The New York Times titled “How Covid-19 Is Making Millions of Americans Healthier” which looks at how Americans have changed their eating habits since the start of the pandemic. The article notes that more Americans have taken up cooking at home than ever before as they were forced to stay indoors due to lockdowns at the start of the pandemic. 75% of respondents to a survey commissioned by HUNTER, a leading food & beverage marketing communications firm, said that they were more confident in the kitchen and were willing to learn more about the science and art of cooking. 40% of respondents to the same survey also said that they were watching their waistline and eating healthier foods to ensure a fit lifestyle and extended life span.

The increased interest in cooking at home has also led to a spike in online interest for recipe blogs and cooking tutorials as Americans look to sharpen skills that might have fallen to the wayside due to years of not having to pay attention to the food they prepare at home. Parents who said goodbye to their children when they left their nest years ago became inundated with FaceTime requests asking for help around the kitchen and the best way to cook certain ingredients. At the start of the pandemic, cookbooks also shot up to the top of Amazon’s bestsellers list signifying that individuals were ready to make an effort to make the best out of an unfortunate situation and learn what they need to make their home dining experience as delicious as they could make it. Google also reported that simple search terms such as “Cook with me” saw almost double the traffic that they usually get on YouTube, a video-sharing website that allows those cooking at home to follow along as the creator makes their favorite recipes in real-time.

A spokesperson for Frux Home and Yard commented on this renewed interest in the culinary arts by saying, “Americans, now more than ever, realize that cooking at home and eating healthy not only helps them save tons of money at the end of the month but they also increase their quality of life due to food that has much lower amounts of fats, sugars, processed meats, sodium, and other ingredients that are usually found in abundance in fast food. More than 100 million Americans have diabetes or pre-diabetes and 122 million have cardiovascular disease. Americans are choosing to eat healthily and take their well-being into their own hands, a welcome change that is sure to have long-lasting effects on the lives of many. Cooking is, however, a difficult skill to master as it not only involves the knowledge of taste, palates, ingredients, cooking methods, and recipes but it also requires the cook to be constantly alert and mindful of their activities in the kitchen. Cooking on a daily basis can be a dangerous proposition due to the litany of tools and equipment present in the kitchen that can hurt the cook if they are callous in using them. Safety is of prime importance in the kitchen and we appeal to everyone who has a newfound love of cooking to be careful during the time they spend whipping up their favorite meals. You can check out our website and browse through our many products to find the perfect item to keep yourselves safe in the kitchen.”

Frux Home and Yard’s flagship kitchen safety product, The Frux Sili Mitts, are a pair of extra long oven mitts that offer unprecedented safety to the user. The silicone oven mitts are heat-safe up to 500°F and offer the maximum possible hand, wrist, and forearm protection. They have a non-slip grip, are waterproof, are BPA-free, and are made from high-quality food-grade, flame-retardant silicone.


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