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Find Addiction Rehabs (FAR), a company based in Boca Raton, FL that offers helpful resources on addiction treatment and rehab, has recently published a trio of essential resources on opioid type drugs. First is the article on Oxycodone withdrawal, the effects of this prescription pain medication, its addiction risk factors, and the treatment options. The second resource, which is an updated guide, is focused on the addiction risks for Suboxone, which is one of the popular drugs for treating opioid dependency. Although it has been very effective in countering the intense withdrawal symptoms related to opioid addiction, this drug is also highly addictive and can also be dangerous. And finally, they have also released an updated resource on morphine addiction and how to know the signs that a person is addicted to morphine.

Oxycodone is the active component of OxyContin, which is a prescription painkiller drug that alters pain perception while also creating a euphoric feeling. These effects are due to the drug’s impact on the levels of dopamine in the brain. The negative impact of this drug is due to the brain not being able to function so well without it, which then results in addiction and withdrawal symptoms when it is not consumed by the addicted person over a long period of time. The effects of taking this drug are: happiness, confidence, reduced anxiety, drowsiness, relaxation, dizziness, calmness, and euphoria.

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However, withdrawal symptoms start with mood changes, sleep changes, physical changes, and symptoms similar to a flu or cold. Later on, the physical symptoms include: nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, reduced appetite, abdominal cramps, blurry vision, dilated pupils, rapid heartbeat, shivering or goosebumps, and high blood pressure. Treatment options include: medical detox and inpatient rehab.

Meanwhile, for those who are looking for a Suboxone detox near me, it is important to note that Suboxone is an opioid and just like other opioids, people can develop an addiction to it. It works by controlling the brain’s pain response and this has to do with dopamine levels in the brain. Taking an opioid causes a flood of dopamine in the brain, which results in the euphoric feeling that people addicted to opioids crave. Because the brain is capable of producing such a large amount of dopamine, the body will “need” to use the opioid or else it will suffer from withdrawal symptoms. Suboxone addiction treatment requires detox and inpatient treatment that usually lasts for 30 to 90 days.

And finally, morphine has been used in medicine as a painkiller for decades. It is effective in relieving severe pain and has also been prescribed to those who suffer from chronic pain and for those who underwent surgery. Unfortunately, morphine is highly addictive, and it is important to know the common signs that a person is using morphine. Short-term effects include: loss of appetite; dilated pupils; itching; extreme drowsiness; falling asleep randomly; confusion; nervousness; lower body temperature; difficulty in urinating; and slow breathing. Long-term effects of morphine include: poor appetite; severe constipation; acid reflux; chronic constipation; stomach pain; bloating; weight loss; and dry mouth. Rehab facilities can offer medication-assisted treatment and outpatient programs.

Find Addiction Rehabs was started with the main goal of offering helpful information resources to serve as a guide to people who are interested in rehab treatment facilities for addiction either for their loved ones or themselves. They provide vital information on their website that are in the form of expert articles and guest blogs, which shows that the FAR website is not the typical directory listing or directory website that simply lists drug or alcohol rehab facilities. Instead, the website serves as a comprehensive information center for different of addiction issues and behaviors and the advanced methods of treatment to help those who are struggling from an addiction finally get a head start in their journey towards true recovery.

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