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Find Addiction Rehabs (FAR), which is located in Boca Raton, FL, that provides helpful resources about addiction and rehab treatment, has recently released comprehensive guides that focus on three topics about addiction. The first article is designed to help those interested in knowing the underlying causes of addiction. The second article is about leaving home to go for rehab treatment. The third article examines the effectiveness of alcohol rehab treatment.

While people who are struggling with an addiction often erroneously believe they can control their addiction by sheer willpower, addiction is actually a complicated disorder. In many cases, there is an underlying problem that has caused a particular person to become addicted to alcohol or drugs. Some of the typical underlying causes of addiction include depression, anxiety, and traumatic experiences. Knowing the root causes of an addiction is vital to understanding why people use addictive substances and often return to their addiction despite the obvious harmful effects on them.

A Find Addiction Rehabs client learns the root causes of addiction and gets lasting recovery help in a treatment group

The presence of underlying reasons for the addiction highlights the importance of seeking professional rehab treatment instead of simply relying on the individual’s self-control. For many individuals suffering from an addiction, their use of addictive substances likely started as a coping mechanism for their underlying mental health problem. Oftentimes, drug abuse started as a way to respond to a crisis, such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, and other types of distress.

Meanwhile, the second article highlights the various advantages of traveling from your local area for treatment. First of all, out-of-state rehab can offer privacy and anonymity. This is vital for people who are vulnerable to the judgment and stigmatization that people struggling with an addiction often face from other people. Traveling to a place quite distant from one’s place of residence can provide discretion and privacy and help the individual avoid being harassed by the people around them.

A second advantage of out-of-state rehab is that it may offer better treatment options, especially if local rehab options are lacking in providing more specialized care. For instance, those who are dealing with mental health issues or other dual diagnosis needs may need extra attention and support during the recovery process.

A third benefit of getting rehab away from home is that the period for rehab treatment can be longer. A primary reason for this is that it would be harder for the person undergoing rehab treatment to leave and give up on the treatment because its location makes leaving anytime inconvenient.

Meanwhile, on the question of whether alcohol rehab is really effective, there is no single research that offers a comprehensive view of short-term, alcohol-related relapses. However, many researchers have investigated this particular issue in substantial detail. One recent study was published in the journal, “Alcohol and Alcoholism.” This was a small-scale research analysis that found that around 42 percent of those in rehab were able to remain relapse-free for a period of 20 weeks following the start of the treatment. Thus, while relapses were quite common, many people enjoyed short-term benefits from alcohol rehab, which is vital for a person struggling with alcoholism. Furthermore, this study emphasizes that those who don’t seek continuing support after completing a rehab have a higher risk of relapse.

Find Addiction Rehabs maintains an informative website that delivers vital resources for people who want to know about available drug and alcohol rehab facilities either for themselves or a loved one. This site features expert articles and guest blogs that provide the latest information on drug and alcohol rehab treatment in various cities in the US and the results of the latest investigations on addiction, drugs, and other addictive substances, and rehab treatment methods. The FAR website is not the usual directory listing or directory website that only lists drug and alcohol rehab centers and their contact details.

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