Find Addiction Rehab's Newly Published Resources Answer the Question - How to Pay for Rehab

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Find Addiction Rehabs, the most detailed online resource for finding the best substance abuse disorder treatment centers in the country, is helping readers find ways to raise the funds they need for their addiction treatments. To that end, the website has published three new articles that aim to make addiction treatment more widely accessible for all Americans.

The first of the website’s rehab fundraising resources titled 'Raising Money for Rehab' offers a wide view of ways to get funding for rehab, even when one may think that all hope is lost. After a short introduction to the different therapies and addiction treatment services currently available, the article suggests 6 of the best rehab fundraising methods. They include taking advantage of rehab grants for addiction treatments, taking out healthcare loans, creating campaigns on crowdfunding websites, participating in home equity lending programs, using all or a portion of one’s 401K retirement savings, and using partial or state-sponsored insurance coverage. The article also gives patients rough estimates of the amount of money that they are likely to spend on inpatient or outpatient rehab services.

Money and a healthcare emblem show the concept of how to pay for rehab with Find Addiction Rehabs resources to help

Next, in another valuable resource guide titled “Does Insurance Pay for Rehab?”, Find Addiction Rehabs offers insights into the ways that private or public forms of health insurance can often cover part (or all) of the costs of attending addiction treatment. The article begins by reminding readers that health insurance rehab coverage varies from provider to provider and depends on several factors such as the policy’s behavioral and essential health benefit options, the rehab center that one wants to enroll in, and the medical needs of the patient. It suggests visiting the ACA (Affordable Care Act) marketplace as one of the best places to enroll in plans that offer addiction treatment coverage. Next, it introduces the three primary types of insurance plans that offer a range of coverage options and benefits. They include Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), and Point Of Sales (POS).

The spokesperson for Find Addiction Rehabs offers advice to patients who are planning to fund their addiction treatment through their insurance providers by saying, “You need to be aware of exactly what percentage of your treatment costs are going to be covered by your policy. We have a free Insurance Verification tool on our website for this purpose. Remember, addiction treatment is expensive. So you are better off finding a treatment center that accepts your insurance provider. Major insurance providers such as Humana, United Healthcare, and BlueCross BlueShield generally cover addiction treatments to varying degrees. The plans cover various modalities offered at rehab facilities such as medically assisted detox, inpatient programs, outpatient programs, dual-diagnosis treatment for co-occurring disorders, continued recovery care, medication-assisted treatment, and more.”

Finally, the third newly published article from Find Addition Rehabs focuses on the insurance coverage offered by Magellan Behavioral Health, a fully-fledged behavioral health insurance company that specializes in evidence-based therapies and behavioral health practices. Policyholders may have access to as many as 77,000 rehabs that take Magellan through their health insurance plan. The article helps readers who hold a policy with the company, find effective treatments for both mental health and addiction issues. Magellan Health’s plans cover most services including behavioral healthcare, inpatient and residential treatment programs, and outpatient treatment programs. The article also provides tips on how to save money on out-of-pocket expenses when seeking treatment without insurance.

The spokesperson for Find Addiction Rehabs talks about its aim for publishing the three resources by saying, “You just have to look at the rising number of overdose deaths in the country to realize why addiction treatment is the need of the hour. However, for many, it is just plain out of reach. With these new resources, we want to help our readers bridge the gap and afford the treatments they desperately need. Our team of writers and clinical staff invites interested individuals and their families to reach out any time of day or night for information and admission to accredited facilities nationwide!”


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