Eugene Rehab Center Launches New Site to Help Broaden Access to Recovery Services

Serenity Lane of Eugene, Oregon is a substance use and alcohol use disorder treatment center that is always striving to make its already popular rehabilitation services even better. This includes constantly implementing new ways to improve both its inpatient and intensive outpatient services. But the improvements that this rehab facility has made to its services do not start and end with continually implementing new treatments. Evidence of that can be seen with the launch of its new website.

A spokesperson stated, “Our staff here at our reputable treatment center for those struggling with alcohol or drug dependencies has always strived to be as progressive as possible. That includes constantly adding new ways we can treat those that come to us for help so we can quickly get them on the path to recovery. The launch of our new website is also a good indicator of how we like to stay as progressive as possible. Those that have used our new and improved website have expressed a great deal of satisfaction with it.”

Serenity Lane’s spokesperson talked more about this new website release. A website that, he stated, is now more user-friendly than ever. This includes improvements to its drop-down menu so users can quickly get the exact information that they are looking for. The new website’s readability is also much better too. This includes such things as having less clutter on each web page, new background colors that make the text stand out more so it’s easier to read, and presenting the information in a more concise manner.

This treatment center’s spokesperson added that their new and improved website also clearly displays the several different ways that those with substance use disorders or loved ones can easily get in touch with them. This includes listing their phone number on many of the web pages and adding an easy-to-use contact form. Most importantly, he says, is the quality of the information presented on the new website. For example, the new site now goes more in-depth about Serenity Lane’s locations in such places as Coburg, Albany, Bend, Roseburg, Salem, and Eastern and Western Portland. It also gives updated information on the different forms of treatments that they offer. Part of this includes the new website discussing how their inpatient treatments are done at their Coburg location. Shown under this topic are photos of a modern and pristine facility that has a well-designed dining hall, workout room, gymnasium, and home-like living spaces set in a tranquil location.

The website talks about how their residential treatment programs provide a welcoming and controlled environment where a patient has access to around-the-clock medical and emotional support. It states that those struggling with an alcohol or substance use disorder can safely go through withdrawal at their Coburg treatment facility as part of an individually tailored treatment plan. It also goes over how patients are carefully monitored by their medical staff as they go through detox. Their new website also goes into greater detail on their other treatments such as their intensive outpatient programs, medication-assisted treatments, day treatments, chronic relapse services, and their program that provides comprehensive services to healthcare professionals with a substance use disorder.

Once someone struggling with addiction has been connected with Serenity Lane’s inpatient or intensive outpatient services, they often leave very favorable reviews about their experience with this Oregon rehab facility. Dan Bangle proclaimed, “I am clean and sober for over 5 years now. Serenity Lane's training and counseling returned my focus to everything important in my life. I am a blessed man!” Miguel Aguirre stated, “This treatment center let me give myself a second chance to live. Without it, I would most likely be dead by now. Great staff, awesome cooks, and amazing doctors at this top-caliber facility. Thank you, Serenity Lane. I owe you, my life.”

Established in 1973, Serenity Lane has been licensed as a specialty hospital for treating addiction. All of the programs they offer have been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). They are the only treatment center in Oregon that is completely licensed as a specialty hospital that can provide medically assisted detox. They have introduced many new programs in Oregon, such as residential step-down and outpatient programs that integrate residential and outpatient services. They have also been the provider of the only Addiction Counselor Training Program in Oregon. Some of their graduates are now offering their services through several treatment programs throughout the country.

People who would like to know more about the addiction treatment services available through Serenity Lane of Eugene, Oregon can visit their newly launched website or contact them by telephone or email. They are open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday.


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