Episode 22 Of Meet The Experts Airs With Zero Waste Strategies

Greensboro, North Carolina -

Jay Vics of JVI Mobile Marketing, based in Greensboro, NC, has published a new interview with Zero Waste Strategies CEO and founder Stacy Savage. The interview was made available through Vics’ free podcast, Meet The Experts, where he talks to leading individuals from various industries and invites them to share their insight with the audience. Meet The Experts is a podcast created by JVI Mobile Marketing.

In Episode 22, Vics and Savage discuss how her consulting firm focuses on waste reduction protocols that ultimately serve to support the circular economy. As the Zero Waste Strategies Company's website states, the firm’s efforts are based on the belief that the most effective path to business sustainability (both in terms of cost and time sensitivity). Savage affirms that this belief is based on a rapidly mounting pile of evidence that there is actually no other way for a business to be successful in the long-term, and goals that appear extremely attractive in the short-term may in fact be contributing to a business’ eventual demise.

Savage attests that her early life experiences had much to do with the oil industry, especially given that many in her family are actively involved with it. Having initially lived on the Gulf Coast border between Texas and Louisiana, she was captivated by the different approach she observed when she later moved to Austin, which she says appeared to value, “the conservation of its natural spaces. It really spoke to me in a way because I had never really seen that before.”

In addition to furthering her career, she realized that starting her own consulting firm would give her an opportunity to reach out to the people behind otherwise faceless organizations, and this meant she could make her argument heard where it would be the most effective.

“There is a general program for every business,” she explains, “and then there is a deep dive because every industry is different, every business’ waste stream is different, and they have to either follow local city ordinances or state provisions or laws that require certain handling of certain materials, especially hazardous waste.” Zero Waste Strategies works with leading industries who are passionate about waste reduction to drive revenue, deeper customer loyalty and skilfully adopt green marketing platforms.

Jay Vics is always pleased to learn more about businesses that are actively pushing their industries forward, and he believes that Zero Waste Strategies is an excellent example of a company that is trying to promote green initiatives by involving what some might consider the biggest offenders: large corporations.

He continues, “This sort of initiative is exactly what JVI Mobile Marketing exists to support, and it would be our great pleasure to lend our support to others who are making similar waves in their respective niche.” Episode 22 (and others) can be found on the Meet The Experts YouTube channel.

JVI Mobile Marketing is a full-service digital marketing provider that gives clients the ability to take full control of their brand online and connect with audiences who are interested in what they have to sell. The agency created the Meet The Experts podcast to highlight such businesses, and they regularly extend an open invitation to those who would like to be featured in new episodes in the future.

Regarding her experience on the podcast, Savage says, “Jay was a great host — and doing so much for the business community. I appreciate the structured approach to the sign-up process, which led to an easy flowing conversation. Lots of fun! 10/10, would highly recommend!”

Those interested in working with an accomplished, passionate digital marketing partner are welcome to contact JVI Mobile Marketing today. Vics also encourages the community to reach out if they wish to share their insight on the Meet The Experts podcasts. See more here: How To Join The Podcast As A Guest.”


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