Emerald Isle Health & Recovery Stress Their Accessibility as a Facility that Accepts AHCCCS Drug and Alcohol Rehab Coverage

Youngtown, Arizona -

Emerald Isle Health & Recovery, which is based in Sun City, AZ, wants to emphasize their accessibility as a facility that is one of the rehabs that take AHCCCS plans. AHCCCS, which is also know as the healthcare cost containment system, is a form of Medicaid offered to people in Arizona who can qualify. The Emerald Isle team is proud to be capable of offering accredited, evidence-based treatment methods for clients, and excited to have new alternatives for those who may have believed that rehab was not affordable or possible for them.

Substance abuse is an umbrella term for people engaged in the harmful use of psychoactive substances, such as prescription drugs, illegal drugs, and alcohol. And individuals who are struggling with substance abuse disorders tend to suffer from serious physical and mental health issues as a result of their addiction. Having an addiction means that people are unable to stop using the substance despite its negative impact on their lives.

A man in group therapy at Emerald Isle after having found rehab centers that accept AHCCS

Fortunately, professional treatment facilities can provide a complete suite of addiction treatment services, including a range of detox, holistic treatment alternatives, and behavioral health services. The remaining concern is the cost of addiction treatment. A spokesperson for Emerald Isle says, “It can be overwhelming when you’re trying to figure out how to pay for treatment, but there are many options available. The good news is that even if you’re not able to afford the full price tag of a private rehab center, you can still receive high-quality care at a lower cost. At Emerald Isle, we are among the top rehab centers that accept AHCCCS care plans and policies. Reach out to our expert team today to see if you meet the eligibility requirements for coverage.”

Meanwhile, in another newly released blog article, Emerald Isle Health & Recovery examines the reasons alcoholics cannot truly love. It is widely believed that people struggling with alcoholism are incapable of maintaining healthy relationships. Alcoholism appears to be a progressive illness that gradually erodes the drinker’s capability to function in all areas of life, including personal relationships. It actually harms both people in the relationship because it is difficult to continue with a relationship when the other person is struggling with alcoholism. For one, the drinking problem has health risks as the affected person may suffer from heart disease, liver damage, cancer, and other health issues. And they are also more likely to be involved in accidents and getting injured. Furthermore, drinking is expensive and can cause financial problems, especially when failure to remain sober gets them to lose their job. All of these can cause problems with the relationship.

And there are a number of common character defects of people who are trying to recover from their substance abuse. These include: having a hot temper; dependence on others for validation and self-worth; denial; fear; being manipulative; pride; and self-pity. In the 12 step programs, those who are in recovery will examine their own character defects and address them.

Founded in 2019, Emerald Isle Health & Recovery was launched for the key purpose of enabling better access to addiction treatment and recovery. They are able to do that constantly finding ways to innovate and develop new approaches to treatment while integrating the services for both substance abuse and mental health problems. Their primary goal is to enhance the lives of people, their families, and their communities.

A spokesperson says, “Our unique approach for individualized, evidence based treatment, focuses on a holistic approach to care. We meet each and every individual where they are, and through a comprehensive clinical and medical program, we help them to achieve long term, and sustainable recovery.”

Those who would like to learn more about the evidence based and holistic approaches for addiction treatment offered by Emerald Isle Health & Recovery, including taking into account defects of character in recovery, can check out their website or contact them on the phone. They can be contacted 24 hours a day.


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