EarlyBirds Is Enabling The Next Generation Of Transport Infrastructure And Operations Innovation

EarlyBirds is helping companies, that rely on transportation infrastructure for the delivery of goods and services, capitalize on actionable innovations currently being worked on in the domain.

The Australian company is helping highlight the innovators who are making transportation modes, operations, and infrastructure more resilient, flexible, efficient, and profitable. It is inviting small, mid-size, and large players in the industry to sign up as an early adopter organization on its platform and be a part of its many programs that are focused on fostering and nurturing technological and process-based innovation.Transport Innovation

One of the founders of EarlyBirds, Jeff Penrose talks about the importance of transport to the history and future of human civilization by saying, “Transport is so ingrained into the story of humanity that empires have risen and fallen over centuries due to new and advanced means of transport being discovered, invented, and produced. Today, as residents of developed countries, transport is not something that you think of – that is, until it breaks down. Even a single ship blocking the Suez Canal for just six days was enough to evaporate almost $10 billion from the global economy. Now take this perspective and imagine how difficult it must be for the billions of people around the world from developing countries who are not guaranteed safe and quick passage to their destination. According to the World Bank, even today in 2022, almost 1 billion people across the world live more than 2 km away from an all-weather road. Think of the latent potential that can be unleashed if billions are lifted out of their destitute circumstances and given the chance to become productive. Creating and emboldening capable and robust transport systems is one of the primary challenges that need to be solved if we intend to move forward as a species.”

EarlyBirds then goes on to mention the several ways in which the future looks bright and how the next couple of decades are shaping up to be an exciting time for transport technology. The world’s focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions will manifest in the form of increased interest in electric vehicles and other kinds of vehicles with greener carbon footprints. Ride-sharing apps will become more prominent than ever and expand the concept of on-demand transport to influence more practical use cases, such as the model adopted by Instacart. The creation of a high bandwidth and high speed 5G network that spans the nation will allow for an opportunity to enable communications between vehicles. This can lead to an interconnected future where every vehicle can be self-driving and move in a completely autonomous manner. The underlying network will allow the vehicles on the road to talk to each other, eliminating the traffic inefficiencies and accidents that occur due to human error. The rise of scientific computing also opens up a whole new possibility when it comes to simulations and data modeling. One example is the use of quantum computers to solve the most difficult route planning and optimization problems.

EarlyBirds’ other co-founder, Kris Poria, talks about how EarlyBirds can help innovators leave an indelible mark on the impending progress in transport technology by saying, “If you are an innovator organization your main focus is likely on getting enough funding to keep the lights on and see your research through to its logical conclusion. The early adopters have the resources to make it happen. You will not only get the monetary support you need but you will also be able to leverage the vast networks that they have painstakingly built over the years to find an audience that is ready and willing to adopt your innovation the moment that is ready for commercialization. We will also introduce you to subject matter experts that will work as mediators that use their discerning knowledge of a technological domain to guide you on your journey and help the early adopters make wise investment decisions. So if you are working on the future of transportation, sign up for EarlyBirds today and watch your innovation turn into the world-changing phenomenon that you always knew it had the potential to be.”

Readers can find out more about the Challenger and Explorer programs offered by the open innovation ecosystem by heading over to its website at earlybirds.io.


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