EarlyBirds Calling Tech Innovators Startups, Scaleups for opportunities with Early Adopter Organisation

For technology Innovators like startup, scaleup or a mature company there may be Early Adopters across all type of industries looking for them. Early Adopter Organizations are generally looking for Innovative technology solutions and services to help them achieve a competitive edge or to become more agile in their rapidly changing and turbulent operating environment.

Kris Poria, Cofounder of EarlyBirds said, “The reason Early Adopters are looking for all Innovations across the globe covering different levels of technical and business maturity are due to three key reasons: Continuous improvements across all business functions; Resolving business and technical challenges quickly; and Identifying disruptive innovators, new business models and products.”

Prior to launching EarlyBirds, the co-founders, Kris Poria and Jeff Penrose, had a similar challenge when they were helping a large customer who needed a disruptive solution but there was a disconnect between them as an Early Adopter and the potential Innovator startup. As a result, there were no winners and it was a lost opportunity on both sides. This experience led to the creation of EarlyBirds and the launch of their AI enabled open innovation ecosystem platform in September 2019. The platform provides insight into all types of capabilities offered by Innovators globally.

On the Early Adopter side, there are many tier-one public and private sector organisations using the EarlyBirds platform to identify Innovators that can provide capabilities to match their business and technical challenges. Large organizations are also using the platform to understand global industry capabilities and are approaching disruptive Innovators proactively instead of waiting to be contacted.

Companies all around the world that are looking to establish a competitive edge or with a need to become more agile in their respective markets are achieving this by leveraging the emerging technology from disruptive startup, scaleup and mature Innovators. The history of business is littered with countless casualties of companies that failed to move fast enough and effectively enough to change their business model and offerings. It is vital for them to keep an eye on the future and gauge where the market is moving and understand how a business should change to meet its goals and potential.

Many companies are moving away from traditional R&D due factors such as market transformation, changing customer expectations, digital disruption, or the need to address Net Zero and sustainability goals. All of this is driving the need for innovation across most areas of a company with a need to be and move away from an inward-looking approach for innovation to one that is outward focused and global. Mercedes Benz has taken the same approach by utilizing external innovators using Open Innovation approach by launching Startup Autobahn.

EarlyBirds is inviting Innovators - startups, scaleups and mature organisations to search their company to link to their profiles and add additional products (innovations) and services, collateral and other information so that these large companies can easily discover them and understand their capabilities.


For more information about EarlyBirds, contact the company here:

Mr Kris Poria and Mr Jeff Penrose
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