EarlyBirds Award Winning Platform Enhancing Plastic Waste Efforts and the Circular Economy

EarlyBirds.io is a company that has created an award-winning platform with supporting services like global innovation ecosystem maps based on a technology or business theme that brings together early adopter companies, innovators, and subject matter experts. This has proven to be extremely valuable for startups, scaleups, and mature organisations when it comes to promoting progress in such unique fields as advanced space manufacturing, net zero strategies, and digitizing the manufacturing industry.

Now the Earlybirds platform is becoming a popular way to advance another environmentally related concern. It has become a useful tool when it comes to enabling improved plastic waste efforts that promote a more circular economy. Kris Poria, the co-founder of EarlyBirds, “When we first created our highly popular platform that’s designed to help all types of business organisations solve challenges and seize opportunities, it used to amaze us each time a unique business sector was able to creatively take advantage of our innovation maps. That’s no longer the case for us. Playing a role in solving such major concerns as how to deal with the massive amount of plastic waste that is generated each day has become routine for us.”

Poria went on to talk about why they are so proud to have a platform that can help lead to advancements in plastic waste control. He started by giving some almost unbelievable figures that about 400 million tons of plastic waste is generated every year and could reach as high as 1,100 million tons by 2050. Sadly the company co-founder says, only a small percentage of about 10 percent of this massive amount of plastic waste is being recycled. While some of the plastic waste does at least find its way into landfill or is incinerated, a much bigger portion ends up washing up on shorelines or creating large floating islands in the Pacific Ocean. A situation that experts say regarding marine plastics pollution may only be a “highly visible tip of the iceberg”. That’s why it's so important that people move away from a take, make, and dispose philosophy regarding plastic waste and come up with a more circular model to eliminate plastic waste.

Typically plastic waste has been dealt with in one of three ways by countries that have the resources to try them. That includes mechanical recycling, chemical recycling, and processing plastic waste back to basic feedstock. Poria mentioned that unfortunately, recycling is not coming close to having its desired effect and that’s why improved plastic waste efforts that promote a more circular economy are so important. World leaders are being made more aware of the problems that plastic pollution and improper disposal create and are showing a willingness to take steps to do something about it. He gave as an example a Paris Agreement-style global treaty on plastic pollution that was agreed upon at a recent United Nations Environment Assembly in Nairobi.

Poria also talked about the role that EarlyBirds hopes to play in coming up with ways to eliminate plastic waste and enhance the circular economy. Something that starts with early adopter companies that see an opportunity in this area. More on what makes up these types of companies can be read about on the EarlyBirds website at https://earlybirds.io/en/early_adopter. He added that it's not only early adopter businesses that their unique platform can help concerning controlling plastic waste. They can also help government entities with their plans and strategies to reduce everyone’s dependence on single-use plastics.

Together businesses and government sectors can monitor and recreate all aspects of the plastic supply chain including applications that promote a more circular economy. The company founder went on to state that their innovation map is updated every day and will grow and change in shape as the significant capabilities of the plastic industry are brought into play. He added, “This map will have many applications, such as offering industry capability insights, securing innovators, developing sovereign capabilities and leveraging partner countries, solving a wicked problem, and speeding up the pace of technology adoption.”

The company believes that not only are early adopter businesses ready, willing, and able to get on this effort, but the innovators that are necessary to facilitate change in the way plastic waste is viewed are out there just waiting to be found too. The company website discusses the many traits that successful innovators in all different areas possess here at https://earlybirds.io/en/innovator. More on the EarlyBirds platform and innovation maps and how they bring early adopter businesses, innovators, and subject matter experts together can be obtained by referring to the company’s website.


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